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Corsica’s “little hedonistic Atlas” and the tour de France of Easter chocolate creations

And we continue, with you Vanessa, your walk on Corsican lands.

We are going to extend this trip with a book which has been published by Éditions du Chêne. A newcomer to their collection “Little Hedonistic Atlas”. You can already hear the promise sticking out. And this promise grabs you from the cover with a beautiful photo of a red calanque, surely the Calanque de Piana, wrapped in a thick mist.

It is an invitation to travel that begins with a motionless journey sitting on his sofa. And the promise is well kept! Throughout the pages, we wander through a rather dreamlike and above all confidential Corsica. It’s a very artistic approach with a very clean, minimalist photography even, and lick but not pompous texts. Result, we touch this Corsican soul.

We ourselves are Corsica at the time of reading. We find ourselves projected in the Corsican light, quite unique it must be said: the sea on one side, the mountain on the other! We discover each region through a few natural and heritage sites, and secret corners that we missed or didn’t know how to look with the right glasses (or that we would finally like to see).

It is between the beautiful photo book and the road book.

This is it in fact, it is a travel companion this book, from morning to evening, with different uses according to the hours of the day. Please note, this is neither a directory nor a traditional guide. The front door is the photos. And in terms of places, it is selective. For the Cap Corse, for example, there are seven little essential favorites, and five focuses: the Palazzi, the cultivation of citron, the villages of Cap Corse, lobster fishing and a young blacksmith cutler from Luri. In short, you have an appointment with Corsica and its art of living.

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Marion Sauveur, with you, we take a tour of France of Easter chocolate creations.

Easter is a week away. I will help you choose the most beautiful pieces that the bells can bring you! We start with the eggs.

I’ll take you to Montargis to start this trip, to the Mazet house. The praline specialist since the 17th century, these pieces of almonds coated in caramelized sugar, offers a chocolate egg completely covered with pralines. It is very thin. It exists in different sizes and from 6 euros.

Still for egg lovers, this time to Paris and the Aleph house. It offers an assortment of Easter nests, in golden angel hair on which are placed eggs garnished with oriental flavors: pistachio praline, sesame ganache or apricot paste. It’s small but cute. And we travel! From 30 euros for the box of 6.

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If you are in Brittany, in Finistère, I recommend Nolwenn Corre’s egg from the hostellerie de la Pointe Saint Mathieu. She makes a white chocolate shelled egg from which protrudes a funny dark chocolate bird. This new born will seduce you for sure! Price: 15 euros.

Where can we find the most original creations?

I will take you first to Grenoble at Thierry Court. This year it offers a collection of super heroes: Batman, Superman or Hulk. Thirteen chewable figurines, from 35 euros.

Chocolatiers are competing in creativity this year, many of them being inspired by animals. In Nantes, Vincent Guerlais offers the heroes straight out of La Fontaine’s Fables. My favorite is the crow and its cheese. From 26.30 euros.

In Paris, the chocolatier Edwart, takes us on a journey with his animals to conquer the Grand Crus of Cacao to the four corners of the world. There are all sizes. My favorite is the koala head garnished with a vegan praline. It can be eaten with a teaspoon, for 19 euros.


The Meilleur Ouvrier de France Nicolas Bernardé, at Garenne-Colombes in the Hauts-de-Seine, takes us to his garden among the insects. Larger than life: I am fond of its caterpillar on its apple or the dark chocolate and dulcey ladybug. From 39 euros.


This cake specialist has created one for Easter with praline and chocolate: pure indulgence.

Are there more artistic creations?

Very beautiful pieces and especially in Lyon: Maison Sève, which works directly with the cocoa bean to make its chocolate. This year, the Lyon house is offering flowery creations: the chocolate eggs are covered with flowers of all colors. So thorough! That’s wonderful ! From 35 euros.


In Paris, I am not introducing you to Cédric Grolet, the best pastry chef in the world 2018. The pastry chef from Meurice has transformed his hazelnut into an egg. The gluttony is composed of a golden shell which hides a chocolate ganache combined with a hazelnut praline, with whole roasted hazelnuts. And the good news is that it comes in several sizes starting at 30 euros.

If you dreamed of a centerpiece, look no further! This year, Maison Lenôtre is notably offering a three-dimensional vegan chocolate tree. Shards of pistachios decorate the base of the tree. Not sure that you want to bite it because it is so beautiful. It will take 55 euros.


And finally, Patrick Agnellet in Annecy drew a table entirely in chocolate, with a rabbit in an egg. A work for all tastes since this painting is made of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. A delicacy at 45 € to share.

And for those who want to change chocolate at all?

If you like marshmallow and praline, I can only recommend Hugo and Victor’s soft-boiled egg. The pastry chef Hugues Pouget, at the head of the Parisian house, realizes this delicacy only on order. A true work of craftsmanship for this vanilla marshmallow egg, with a praline heart with Piedmont hazelnuts, placed on a dulcey chocolate nest. Count 15 euros.

Another trompe-l’oeil boiled egg, but this time frozen: the one from the Frosted Factory in Paris. It is composed of a soft almond bisuit, a perfect Madagacar vanilla ice cream, garnished with runny caramel, and a mango sorbet. Perfect at the end of a meal! 20 euros for 6 eggs.

If you are a fan of pralines, I have what you need: the babka signed Pierre Marcolini and Sarah and Emmanuel Murat from Babka Zana. This flaky brioche, both soft and crunchy, is garnished with chocolate cream, pecan chips, pistachio praline and Piedmont hazelnut praline. A real treat that comes in the form of an Easter nest to share… or not. Price: 32 euros


Finally, for savory lovers, I advise you to taste the panettone with truffles signed by Christophe Louie and Chef Julien Serri de Magnà. The brioche and buttery dough mixes with a black truffle, hazelnuts and Parmesan. A subtle treat that you can enjoy as a starter. This panettone is offered in a limited series for the end of the truffle season at a price of 39 euros.

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