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Coronavirus Spain today, breaking news | Madrid encourages “madrileear” with responsibility this Holy Week

  • Covid-19.

    Infections in toilets fall after vaccination

The Ministry of Health has considered that the pandemic of the coronavirus is in a “turning point”, in a “trough point” that, if it remains “a few more weeks” with the vaccination rate current, will allow to dampen the fourth wave: that is to say, that it is “a wave, a wave”. So I put it Fernando Simn, who has admitted that the Government is “concerned” because the pandemic of the coronavirus it remains “on the rise” and the increase is likely to continue for the next few days. The mean cumulative incidence bordering on high risk with 149 cases.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 3,270,825 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 75,199 deaths with a positive test as of March 29

  • 503,853 in Andalusian (9,176 dead)
  • 110,530 in Aragn (3,334 dead)
  • 46,986 in Asturias (1,889 dead)
  • 57,558 in Baleares (777 dead)
  • 46,445 in Canary Islands (670 dead)
  • 25,949 in Cantabria (542 dead)
  • 175,310 in Castilla la Mancha (5,747 dead)
  • 211,909 in Castilla and Len (6,611 dead)
  • 533,746 in Catalonia (13,243 dead)
  • 5,066 in Ceuta (93 dead)
  • 385,411 in the Valencian Community (7,091 dead)
  • 70,804 in Estremadura (1,755 dead)
  • 116,200 in Galicia (2,318 dead)
  • 621,356 in Madrid (14,512 dead)
  • 7,783 in Melilla (79 dead)
  • 108,346 in Murcia (1,555 dead)
  • 53,949 in Navarra (1,121 dead)
  • 161,823 in the Basque Country (3,942 dead)
  • 27,801 in The Rioja (744 dead)

09.00. Spain demands from today a negative coronavirus test to those arriving from France by road

People who want to reach Spain from France by road from this Tuesday will have to have a diagnostic test of coronavirus with negative results, according to an order from the Ministry of Health published on Saturday in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

The order, collected by Servimedia, affects travelers over six years of age coming from risk areas in France and arriving in Spain by land, who must have a PCR test (RT-PCR), a TMA test or another type of test. Diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 based on equivalent molecular techniques, with negative result, performed within 72 hours of arrival.

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Road transport professionals in the exercise of their professional activity, cross-border workers and residents in border areas within a radius of 30 kilometers around their place of residence are excluded.

08.59. Weekly incidence in Germany rises to 135.2 new coronavirus infections

The incidence of new infections with coronavirus in Germany it stands at 135.2 per 100,000 inhabitants and 112,482 new positives in seven days, compared to 134.2 yesterday and 108.1 last Tuesday.

The health authorities reported 9,549 new infections in the last 24 hours – in the absence of data from the federal state of Baden-Wrttemberg – and 180 fatalities, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) of virology updated last midnight.

A week ago, the new infections amounted to 7,485 in a day, and the number of deaths, to 250.

08.57. Rebound in coronavirus infections in Navarra that once again reached over 180

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The contagions by coronavirus They rise again in Navarra, where 182 have been counted, according to provisional data from the Government of Navarra.

This represents an increase compared to the previous day in which 142 positives were detected after performing 1,713 tests in the public health system (1,189 PCR and 524 antigen tests), which put the positivity rate at 8.4%.

The town of Lodosa, with ten new cases, is the one that accumulates the highest number of positives registered in the last hours, followed by the Pamplons neighborhood of San Juan, with nine.

08.21. Canada suspends coronavirus vaccination with AstraZeneca for those under 55 years of age

Canadian health officials have reported that the Canadian government will stop offering the vaccine against coronavirus from AstraZeneca to people under 55 years of age and will require a new analysis of the risks and benefits of the vaccine based on age and sex.

The measurements follow reports from Europe of rare but serious blood clots, hemorrhages and, in some cases, death after vaccination, mainly in young women. No such cases have been reported in Canada, with approximately 307,000 doses of AstraZeneca administered.

The National Immunization Advisory Council (NACI), a panel of independent experts, said Monday that the rate at which the clotting complication occurs was not yet clear. So far, 40% of the people who have developed it have died, but that may decrease as more cases are identified and treated early.

08.09. Infections in toilets fall after vaccination against coronavirus

Doctors, nurses, assistants, technicians and other health professionals have been one of the most vulnerable groups in the face of the coronavirus. Being on the front line against the virus, more than 77,000 professionals have contracted the infection, which has put their own health and that of the system at risk.

Due to their high exposure to contagions, health workers have been included among the priority groups for vaccination. And this protection strategy is working, as shown by a recent study carried out by professionals from the Hospital Universitario Fundacin de Alcorcn (Madrid).

According to their data, vaccines have significantly reduced infections among health workers. The protection, they emphasize, is already noticeable from the first dose, but it becomes a shield when the vaccination regimen is completed. [Lee aqu la informacin completa]

08.00. China begins vaccination against the coronavirus of those over 60 and the chronically ill

China began to vaccinate against coronavirus to people over 60 years old and to patients with chronic diseases after completing the inoculation of health workers who work on the front line, reported the National Health Commission.

In addition, all medical personnel in the border towns of the northern province of Heilongjiang have already been vaccinated since the authorities consider them more susceptible to becoming infected because they have been the scene of outbreaks in the past related to people arriving from Russia, according to state television. CCTV.

The Commission published its first official guidelines for the vaccination against covid, in which it is committed to inoculating people over 60 years of age considering that the data provided by the studies of the first and second phases of the four antigens approved so far guarantee safety for that group of people.

07.50. Trump Says Anthony Fauci Reinvents Facts To Cover Up His Coronavirus Mistakes

Former US President Donald Trump has charged against the main epidemiologist of the Government of his country, Anthony Fauci, of which he said that he tries to “reinvent history” to cover up his “wrong recommendations” and “bad decisions” about the coronavirus.

Decisions and recommendations that, “fortunately”, Trump managed to “almost always annul” when he ruled the United States, he said in a statement.

In the opinion of the former Republican president, both Fauci and the former coordinator of the White House task force against the coronavirus Deborah Birx conceived “bad political decisions” that, if implemented as they were proposed, “would have left our country open to China. and closed the reopening “of the US economy.

07.29. WHO experts consider it probable that the coronavirus reached humans from an animal

International experts recently sent to China to investigate the origins of the pandemic of the coronavirus They will present their conclusions on Tuesday in detail, which privilege transmission to humans through an animal that until now could not be identified.

The joint report of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Chinese comes 15 months after the appearance of the first cases in Wuhan, China, and after the pandemic it will claim at least 2.7 million lives across the globe and devastate the world economy.

At this time, the number of worldwide cases (more than 127 million) continues to increase due to more contagious variants, which force countries to take severe restriction measures, as is especially the case in Europe and Latin America.

7.01 Madrid encourages “madrileear” with responsibility this Holy Week

The Madrid City Council has launched a campaign that invites citizens to “madrilear” with responsibility for the coronavirus in the city for Easter, in order to stimulate the tourist and cultural fabric in the capital.

This campaign brings together plans in museums, cultural centers, theaters, restaurants, terraces, markets or commercial spaces that will remain open during these festivities, has indicated the Tourism area of ​​the Consistory through a press release.

Exhibitions such as Bansky Culture. The Street in the Canvas (Fine Arts Circle) or Alexei Von Jawlensky (Mapfre Foundation. Recoletos Hall); hotel deals; visiting iconic shops such as Cuesta de Moyano or El Rastro will be some of the plans that the City Council will promote.

They will also invite locals to visit the natural spaces of the capital such as El Retiro, Madrid Ro, Quinta de los Molinos, Dehesa de la Villa, Juan Carlos I Park or Parque del Oeste.

7.00 Seville searches social networks for people over 80 years of age not yet vaccinated

The South Sanitary Management Area of ​​Seville has started a campaign on social networks with which it intends to locate people over 80 years of age who have not yet received the vaccine against the disease. Covid-19, so that they are cited for the vaccination as soon as possible.

According to sources in the health area, those responsible have launched a petition to ask their followers to help spread the communication, with the aim of locating people who have not yet been inoculated with the vaccine for different reasons.

It is a message that has been sent to the residents of 16 towns, including Dos Hermanas, Alcal de Guadara, Utrera, Los Palacios, Morn de la Frontera or Montellano.

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