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Coronavirus Spain today, breaking news | In a “critical” situation, France is stepping up controls

The experts warn, the data warn: Spain is looking into the fifth wave. After a period of plateau in the figures of the coronavirus, autonomous communities report worrying increases in infections. Madrid yesterday reported more than 2,000 cases, a figure that had not been reached since February. Controls are intensified to prevent mobility for Easter.

Coronavirus data in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 3,255,324 confirmed coronavirus cases with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 75,010 deaths with a positive test as of March 26

  • 501,013 in Andalusian (9,147 dead)
  • 110,163 in Aragn (3,372 dead)
  • 46,670 in Asturias (1,878 dead)
  • 57,315 in Baleares (777 dead)
  • 46,004 in Canary Islands (663 dead)
  • 25,813 in Cantabria (541 dead)
  • 174,891 in Castilla la Mancha (5,737 dead)
  • 211,261 in Castilla and Len (6,608 dead)
  • 529,904 in Catalonia (13,120 dead)
  • 5,023 in Ceuta (93 dead)
  • 385,049 in the Valencian Community (7,076 dead)
  • 70,654 in Estremadura (1,755 dead)
  • 115,836 in Galicia (2,314 dead)
  • 618,160 in Madrid (14,496 dead)
  • 7,726 in Melilla (78 dead)
  • 108,198 in Murcia (1,553 dead)
  • 53,517 in Navarra (1,117 dead)
  • 160,437 in the Basque Country (3,942 dead)
  • 27,690 in The Rioja (743 dead)

8.27 In a “critical” situation, France intensifies controls to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Faced with a “critical” epidemic situation, French authorities on Saturday stepped up controls to enforce the travel ban, while increasing demand for much stricter restrictions and an expansion of the vaccination campaign.

Since midnight on Friday, three departments (Rdano, Dawn and Drunk) have been subject to restrictive measures already in place in 16 others, including Pars and its region: forbidden trips of more than 10 km without justification, forbidden to leave the territory without an overriding reason, closed shops and half classes in high school. Reports Afp.

3.00 Colombia adds 8,254 cases of Covid-19 the day it has applied the most vaccines

Colombia added 8,254 of covid-19 this Saturday, the highest figure in recent weeks, with which it reached 2,375,591 infections just on the day that more vaccines have been applied, 119,924, and with which it reaches 1,596,288 people immunized.

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Of the total number of vaccines applied, 148,108 correspond to second doses, and the regions that top the list of applications are Bogot (322,193), Antioquia (199,456), Valle del Cauca (148,908), Atlntico (81,949), Cundinamarca (113,315), Bolvar (73,787), Santander (72,163) and Tolima (50,403).

The country also registered 145 deaths, 123 corresponding to previous days, which brings to 62,790 the fatalities left by the pandemic, while there are still 43,330 active cases, equivalent to 1.82%, and 2,261,373 patients appear as recovered. that is, 95.19%.

1.30 The United States adds another 761 deaths from covid-19 and touches 549,000

The United States reached 30,215,544 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus this Saturday and 548,813 deaths from the covid-19 disease, according to the independent count of the Universidad Johns Hopkins.

This balance at 20.00 local time (00.00 GMT on Sunday) is 761 more deaths than on Friday and 64,266 new infections.

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California is now the state hit hardest by the pandemic with 58,800 deaths, followed by New York (49,928), Texas (48,039), Florida (33,142), Pennsylvania (24,960), New Jersey (24,382) and Illinois (23,498). Other states with a large death toll are Georgia (18,926), Ohio (18,525), Massachusetts (17,086), Michigan (17,047), or Arizona (16,912).

00.40 The Chilean Congress willing to postpone the April elections due to covid-19

The Chilean Congress showed this Saturday its willingness to process the postponement of the elections scheduled for April 10 and 11, after knowing that experts recommended to the Government to postpone them due to the serious advance of the pandemic, with more than 16 million people confined in the country.

The president of the Senate and second authority of the State, the militant Christian Democrat Yasna Provoste, declared that she was “at the disposal of the experts’ recommendations” and called on the Executive to “act quickly to implement” the measures.

Similarly, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Paulsen, pointed out that the chamber is willing to legislate “initiatives that allow citizens to vote safely.”

00.02 Maueco asks the Government for more doses to vaccinate Castilla y Len in three months

The president of the Junta de Castilla y Len, Alfonso Fernndez Maueco, has assured this Saturday that the autonomous administration has sufficient capacity to be able to vaccinate the entire population within a period of three months, for which he has demanded that the Government of Spain distribute more doses.

Fernndez Maueco has participated in the closing of the XV Provincial Congress of the PP in Valladolid, where he detailed that yesterday about 22,000 people were vaccinated in Castilla y Len, which represents a figure close to 1 percent of the population.

22.30 Brazil registers another 3,438 deaths from coronavirus and exceeds 310,000

Brazil registered 3,438 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with which the total of deaths caused by the pandemic now rises to 310,550, according to data released this Saturday by the Ministry of Health.

In the same period, 85,948 infections were detected, which brings the accumulated pandemic in just over a year to 12,490,362 cases, the official bulletin points out.

These data confirm that Brazil, the second most affected country by the health crisis after the United States, faces a new and virulent wave that, according to some specialists, may accelerate even more in the coming weeks, due to circulation throughout the territory. national of new, much more aggressive variants.

Information from the Ministry of Health indicates that 1,300,185 patients are under observation, a growing number that reflects the collapse into which hospitals in almost all the major cities of the country have plunged.

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