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Corona divergence increases children’s interest in combat games – local – other

The «Emirates Today» monitored the demand of children to download combat and violent games, and the number of times they were downloaded in the millions, from the smart application stores on phones, while the number of times the download of educational and educational games does not exceed tens of thousands, which was responded by experts in psychology and education to the state of boredom and stagnation that Imposed by the Corona pandemic, which increased the child’s need to get rid of it by any means, while experts confirmed that when the child explodes the anger inside him, he will easily learn to be polite and obedient.

It was not possible to obtain a response from the Ministry of Community Development, which is one of the authorities concerned with child protection, and it launched educational games two years ago on its child platform.

In detail, “Emirates Today” spotted interactive educational games that could attract children, by involving them in the process of gathering information and analyzing it using live scenarios. However, the number of downloads of these games ranges between a few thousand and 10,000, compared to games that focus on demonstrating strength and challenge. With the ability to fight, and to deal with military or physical strikes, the number of downloads reached tens of millions.

A specialist in psychology, Dr. Ahmed Eid, told Emirates Today that children’s tendencies to fighting games are normal, due to the amount of excitement, clamor and speed in reactions present in these games, stressing that their tendencies to these games must increase as a result of boredom from their stay in Homes for long periods of time, and the application of distance learning programs, due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic.

Eid, who works to assess children’s abilities by virtue of the nature of his work, explained that there are points of attraction in combat and violent games for the child, superior to educational and educational games that are linked to his mind with the idea of ​​school programs and the school system, adding that combat games carry the child to another world, making him a hero. It is also an arena of meeting and competition between him and his friends, as each of them tries, during their battles in the virtual world, to prove that he is the strongest and most important.

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He pointed out that some games cause a state of addiction, and it becomes difficult for a child or adult to stop playing them, and it is similar to any other addictive state related to separating a person from his real world, such as the attachment of some to watching social series that takes them to the world of the heroes of those series, and connects them With a life they might have hoped to live.

Eid emphasized the role of parents in enticing children with all kinds of useful games and watching them without realizing them, and the participation of their children playing and watching entertainment programs and practicing all activities inside and outside the home, because this meets the child’s need to practice playing within a safe and nurturing family and social environment, and at the same time does not deprive the child Expressing his energies and hobbies, providing him with fun alternatives to occupy his time with beneficial activities.

He stated that it is not necessary for the child to acquire aggressive tendencies as a result of his attachment or playing for a long time in these games, as this is related to a number of other genetic and social factors, but at the same time he stressed the need to keep children away from playing in these games continuously, and the necessity of limiting the period of time they spend. In playing it, stressing that these controls must be applied from the beginning, by setting a clear law for the child from the first months of his life, and therefore adherence to any type of behavioral controls will become a natural matter for him.

Parents said that their children’s desire, always, is directed towards battle games and show of strength, and that when they direct them to an educational game, they only engage in it for a limited time, while they can spend long hours in fencing and fighting games.

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Parents’ answers varied about the extent to which their children learned aggressive behaviors due to their long hours playing with these games, as some asserted that their children’s moods were a bit sharp before they became old enough to play those games, while others emphasized that their children were calm and peaceful, despite their spending Long hours in violent games, while some parents considered that children must be affected and acquire some aggressive behaviors, as a result of spending time in an atmosphere of violence and imaginary fighting.

Venting anger

Some scientific studies have confirmed that playing war games does not necessarily lead to undesirable outcomes.

Psychologist Mary Ashkar confirmed in a published report that the child, when he uses the laser, for example against his opponent, feels great power, and the ability to determine the fate of those around him, and that although all this happens in the child’s imagination, he is with This is a positive factor in achieving his psychological balance.

Al-Ashqar added that if the child explodes the anger and violence inherent in him, he will easily accept playing the role of the calm, obedient and polite child, who hears what he is told.

Downloading educational and educational games from smart application stores does not exceed a few thousand.

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