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controversy surrounding a strike by the Barkhane force towards Talataye

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                Six young Malians were killed Thursday, March 25, in the northeast of the country in a strike described by the French force Barkhane as targeting jihadists.  Local notables speak of young hunters killed while stalking game.  They are asking for an investigation to be opened and for accountability to be established.

                                    <p>The airstrike took place outside Talataye, a town between Gao and Ménaka.  According to the mayor, the six victims are young people from the village - including four under 16 who had gone hunting, explains Mohamed Assaleh Ahmad.</p><h2>« <em>Group of young people</em> »</h2><p>«<em> This was a group of young people on three motorcycles to pull rabbits and partridges.  Around 10:30 am, witnesses around claim to have heard explosions and claim to have seen planes in the air.  Impossible to know if they are French planes or not. </em>»

A municipal councilor also claims to have seen a drone fire west of Talataye. This version is denied by the French force Barkhane.

Terrorists, according to the Barkhane force

This confirms that there was indeed an air operation 60 km north of Indélimane, to neutralize an armed terrorist group. The French staff which does not specify the human losses, but indicates that ” three motorcycles were destroyed “. This is the second time in a few months that a French air intervention has given rise to opposing versions.

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