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controversies perceived as “a patent of credibility”

During the Europe Ecology-The Greens campaign for municipal authorities in Paris, February 5, 2020. Illustrative photo. (ALEXIS SCIARD / MAXPPP)

Example with the last controversy to date, around the Strasbourg mosque. The city council, dominated by EELV voted a grant to support the construction. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin sees it as a sign of collusion between the Greens and a radical fringe of Islam, because the mosque is supported by a pro-Turkish association which refuses to sign the charter of Islam of France. Its Deputy Minister Marlène Schiappa goes further: for her, the environmentalists “flirt more and more dangerously with the theses of radical Islamism “. A sentence that does not get through at all. Julien Bayou, EELV national secretary, threatens to file a defamation complaint. So much for the summary.

Before that, there was the controversy over meatless menus in Lyon, Christmas trees in Bordeaux, the opportunity to welcome the Tour de France caravan or not … “I put a Google alert on the names of their mayors, laughs a framework of the majority. Every time they talk, it’s great! “

Analysis of the mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piolle: “The system has fallen on us since we are in a position to gain power, since we are no longer seen as turbulent teenagers or beatniks.” “What matters is not the object, not the substance”, assures the same, who wants as proof that last September, the controversy over the Tour de France made more noise than “the exit of Nicolas Sarkozy on the monkeys”.

“Not even hurt”, in short … or almost. Because part of Europe Ecology is still embarrassed by controversies that feed the trial in radicalism or eccentricity. Léonore Moncond’huy, elected in Poitiers in June, would prefer the debate to focus on local achievements: “At home we have increased our investment capacity. We embody a different way of exercising power.”

But difficult to break through the sound barrier, with limited resources. “We have too small a media area, admits Sandra Regol, deputy national secretary of EELV. Four party employees, 10-15 maximum including the regions. We do everything ourselves, we have time for nothing.

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Especially since the attacks do not come only from the government, but also from part of the left. And these are the ones that affect environmentalists the most. On Anne Hidalgo, who expressed doubts about the Greens’ report to secularism: “She spat in our faces. She wanted to destroy us”, chokes a party cadre. “The Socialists are trying to recreate walls because they won 6 in the presidential election, 6 in the Europeans, tackle another. They recreate walls because the structure that held them together no longer holds. Because the ground is slipping under their feet, to put it another way.

Among the Greens, many also think that these assaults by other left-wing parties will cease after the regional ones in June. When the balance of power has been clarified at the ballot box. And that the question of the common presidential candidate will come back to the table. To win this bet, the environmentalists must first kill the match, and come out on top everywhere.

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