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Containment in Caledonia extended until midnight April 4, every comm

After three weeks of strict confinement, Thierry Santa and Laurent Prévost have decided to extend confinement by one week, until Sunday, April 4. The only adaptation: non-essential businesses will be able to reopen, while respecting barrier gestures.
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“We have decided to extend the confinement for an additional week until Sunday, April 4, at midnight.” The decision fell: Thierry Santa, president of the 16th government in charge of current affairs, announced it this Saturday. He recalled the objective, which has always been the same since the start of the health crisis: break the chain of transmission of the virus while there was still time and rediscover the “covid-free” character that the territory has experienced over the past twelve months. “The confinement is showing its effects but we cannot ignore the case detected Thursday outside the sanitary lock” he added.

The President of the Government insisted on salute the investigative effort carried out by the health services of the territory, the support of the Wallisian and Futunian community as well as the good citizenship of all Caledonians.

Property stores reopen

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New measure for this new week of confinement: all goods stores will be able to reopen, while respecting barrier gestures, such as physical distancing and wearing a mask, which remain mandatory. The non-essential sectors are committed to enforcing barrier gestures and applying hygiene rules. “We have decided to trust everyone without distinction” said Thierry Santa.

No new case

The good news of the day is that out of the 366 tests carried out this Friday, none were positive. We therefore remain at a total of 121 confirmed cases, including 63 since March 7. It should also be noted that there are no longer any Caledonian patients in intensive care.
65 people stay in a fortnight at the hotel.

Certificates maintained

Travel certificates are maintained: only the box “professional purchases and basic necessities” will disappear since all businesses will be able to reopen. The police will continue the checks and Thierry Santa invites everyone to “limit movement as much as possible”

Gatherings still prohibited

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As for gatherings of people, in private or public spaces, they are still prohibited. “They make it impossible to trace and identify that the detection of a positive case among the participants would imply.“underlined the high commissioner.

Laurent Prévost who indicated that “ Regarding worship, in this period of major celebration, the televising or broadcasting of services, decided in full consultation with the religious authorities, will allow everyone to maintain a link with their community of belief ».

Strengthen the system for a better response

« We must learn the lessons of the last few weeks and adapt, again, to respond, faster, more effectively and more precisely, to the next alert “Underlines Thierry Santa,” because there will be others ».
The President of the Government is clear: we will have to strengthen the sanitary lock, ” whether in terms of flights, our fourteen hotels, but also at the level of airport areas »And be able to react better and faster.

The extended measures are also linked to the particular contagiousness of the English variant present in Caledonia and Wallis-and-Futuna, underlined the High Commissioner.

Vaccination could become compulsory for some

Thierry Santa recalled the free choice left to Caledonians to be vaccinated or not, but he stressed, “ Faced with this stronger pressure at the level of our sanitary lock, the government has the responsibility to consider compulsory vaccination of staff in contact with travelers “. A measure which therefore remains to be defined but which is now one of the possibilities envisaged.

The High Commissioner for his part recalled that the State had undertaken to continue to deliver doses of vaccine to New Caledonia. A total of 80,000 doses should be reached by the end of April.

A rather well-received extension

The Caledonians seem to react rather well to the announcement of the extension of the confinement.
In any case, this is what emerges from the reactions collected this evening at the exit of a supermarket by Mathieu Ruiz-Barraud

Prolonged confinement Trotting

Thierry Santa will be the guest of Nadine Goapana’s news this Saturday evening

Find below the statements of Thierry Santa and Laurent Prévost

Find the joint declaration


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