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Contagious avian influenza in southern Sweden – now it can spread north

– There is an increased risk of infection throughout the country, says Norrbotten’s county veterinarian Ingrid Ragnarsson.

She says that the northernmost case so far has been in Stockholm. The case was discovered very recently in a person who has chickens for private use.

“The facilities themselves keep track of any infection”

Avian influenza is a disease that is mainly found among wild birds. It varies from year to year depending on the varieties that circulate among wild birds and how extensive the infection is.

Since November last year, almost 20 outbreaks of bird flu have been detected in the country, but no case in Norrbotten.

– There are four major egg producers in Norrbotten and the facilities keep track of any infection, says Ingrid Ragnarsson, county veterinarian.

Hobby hens must be registered

From 21 April this year, everyone who has chickens for private use, so-called hobby allowances, must register their holding with the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The reason is that a new EU regulation enters into force.

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– If you find dead migratory birds, it is important to contact the Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA) so that samples can be taken to see if they have been affected by bird flu, says Ingrid Ragnarsson.

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