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Construction boom in the county – more people want to build a new home

The nail sounds can be heard a long way on Idrottsvägen in Älvkarelby. In April, there is occupancy in two housing estates, and there is talk of a small construction boom in the municipality. Last year, the building and environmental unit received 147 building permit applications, just over 50 percent more than in 2018.

Increased pressure is confirmed from that in several municipalities that SVT Nyheter Uppsala has been in contact with. In addition to Älvkarleby, more cases were received by building permit officers in Östhammar, Tierp, Heby, Håbo and in Enköping.

– In 2020, applications for extensions and ancillary buildings have increased significantly, says Christina Gortcheva, building permit manager in Enköping municipality.

High pressure

– There are good communications from here, a quiet society and a beautiful nature, explains Älvkarleby’s construction and environmental manager Raul Johnson, who also believes in a certain corona effect.

In his department, they work too hard to keep up with the handling.

– Of course there is more to do. It takes about a month to process a case, and it is well within the law’s time limits.

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In Älvkarleby, just as in several other municipalities in the county, the work of processing building permits has been digitized and automated.

Built themselves in Älvkarleby

Opposite the terraced houses on Idrottsvägen, Sandra Andersson and her family have moved into a spacious villa with high ceilings.

They have applied for a building permit themselves and took the opportunity to change a lot compared to the original drawings.

– The ceiling is higher and we have moved walls. It is a decision that must be included in the case. But it has gone smoothly for us, and the staff at the municipality has been very helpful, she says.

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The clip: Sandra Andersson talks about the dream house

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