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Concerns that bird flu is coming to northern Sweden

The whole country is now at protection level 2, which means an increased risk of infection, as this year’s flu is a mutated, more contagious form. But there have never been any confirmed cases of bird flu in Västerbotten.

It can be transmitted between animals and humans, but it is uncommon.

– What we fear is not another pandemic. We fear that it will affect the poultry industry, as wild birds can infect, for example, domestic chickens, says Annelie Grip Hansson.

If the infection enters a poultry farm, all hens must be killed.

Hobby breeders – a risk group

There are thousands of hobby chicken owners in the county and they can constitute a risk group for bird flu as they do not have the same isolation routines around breeding as the laying chicken farms have.

– If you are a chicken owner and things suddenly start to happen, birds die, there is some egg production or something else shady, then you should contact a veterinarian immediately.

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The risk exists when the hens can come into contact with wild birds in different ways.

– Right now it’s a bit wintery, so of course many hobby chicken owners have their hens indoors, but it’s starting to thaw and many want to let their hens out, says Annelie Grip Hansson.

If you as a private person find large numbers of dead wild birds, you are asked to contact the county administrative board.

– It may happen that the authorities then want to try and see if it is bird flu, says Annelie Grip Hansson.

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