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Compulsory insurance for self-employed persons will only be introduced in ‘years’ | NOW

The proposal for compulsory disability insurance, made by employers’ organizations, trade unions and self-employed persons, is encountering major implementation problems. As a result, the introduction of such an insurance will probably take “years”, warns outgoing minister Wouter Koolmees (Social Affairs).

Last year, the organizations in the Labor Foundation presented a proposal for an insurance system. This means that self-employed persons without employees (self-employed persons) should eventually be obliged to take out insurance in case they can no longer work, so that they can be sure of an income if they become disabled.

They have to pay a monthly premium for this. This obligation has been agreed in the pension agreement, because the left-wing parties and the trade unions consider it an important step to reduce the difference between self-employed and employed workers.

An important aspect of the proposal was that self-employed persons were given a lot of ‘freedom of choice’, so that the amount of the premium can vary considerably. There is also an ‘opt-out’ for self-employed persons with adequate private insurance. The cabinet considers these elements important, because the self-employed differ considerably from each other. But after Koolmees had submitted the proposal to the intended implementers of the UWV and the Tax and Customs Administration, it turned out that it was precisely this aspect that entails implementation problems.

As a result, the minister is now looking for alternative ways of arranging compulsory insurance, although he is looking for a possibility that “does justice to the advice of the Foundation”. It is being examined whether the scheme might be consistent with another law. Although the introduction of the disability insurance is officially up to a new cabinet, Koolmees remains in talks with the implementers and the interest groups to come to a new plan.

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In any case, it takes “years” for a compulsory disability insurance for self-employed persons to be converted “from calculation table to practice”.

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