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Complaints from the Police and Civil Guard for delays in receiving the vaccine in Catalonia

They consider that they have not received the same treatment from the Generalitat de Mossos or local police

A Civil Guard agent receives a dose in Alicante

Police war opened in Catalonia for the supply of vaccine. Several representative organizations of the National Police and the Civil Guard urged the Generalitat to change the vaccination schedule against Covid-19 after resuming the injections of doses of the company AstraZeneca, providing it only to those over 60 years of age, including agents. They understand that they are not receiving the “same treatment” as local police or the Mossos d’Esquadra.

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The SUP Police union denounced that “in an unjustified decision in Catalonia only national policemen between 60 and 65 years old will be vaccinated” while “the rest of the national police stationed in the Catalan community will have to wait to receive their dose for the entire population of that age range in the community to be vaccinated “. In this sense, they regretted that they are “marginalized” and demand the “same treatment” as local police or the Mossos. Union sources indicate that this Thursday several police officers were summoned to be vaccinated but it was suspended.

JUPOL and JUCIL have also asked the Ministry of Health to clarify the change in the protocol, and announce that they will take judicial measures “in case the vaccination campaign for the Police and the Civil Guard does not begin immediately.” The regional secretary of JUPOL in Catalonia, Marcos Veiras, said that “the Catalan Health Service has not complied with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health in relation to the vaccination of the State Security Forces and Bodies.” According to him, to date only 98 members of the Police in Catalonia and 200 civil guards in Barcelona have been vaccinated.

The CEP union believes that there is a change in the vaccination plan by the Generalitat to administer the serum to agents between 60 and 65 years old. That is why he is studying going to court since they consider that the Generalitat “plays with his health” in a strategy of “administrative death” of the State Security Forces and Bodies. In addition, he has proposed that the Ministry of the Interior use state agencies to proceed with vaccination “outside of political interference.”

In a statement, the Unified Civil Guard Association lamented the “slowdown due to the increase in the age range and the lack of dosage”, although they celebrate the inclusion of 10% of active companions so far excluded by age. They understand, however, that other public security workers who, unlike the Civil Guard or Police, are receiving the serum cannot be treated differently. AUGC refers to the data of the general director of the Civil Guard, Mara Gmez, who has placed the number of agents vaccinated with the first dose at 65%, some 50,000 as stated in Congress. The association adds that most of the autonomous communities have vaccinated around 80% of their civil guards staff, leaving behind below 10% Aragn, Catalonia, Extremadura and Galicia.

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From APROGC, the Civil Guard association, they have also shown their discomfort by urging the Ministry of Health to clarify “urgently the reason for the change in the vaccination protocol.” This organization indicates that in Catalonia what the authorities have transmitted to it is that it has been decided “unilaterally not to vaccinate civil guards under the age of 60”.

The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat have reported that they have met “repeatedly with the representatives of the National Police to organize the logistics of vaccination to this group.” In this sense, they have lamented “the political considerations made by the union representatives of a police force that will have to be assumed neutral”, and they have reiterated that from Health they have not forgotten about this police force.

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