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Commentary: This isn’t even fun anymore – NHL’s most creepy abscess is shamefully miserable – NHL

Buffalo Sabers will set a record next week in the longest losing streak in NHL history, writes Ville Touru.

Buffalo Sabers ’misery has been an NHL enduring joke for ages and ages. It’s been the NHL’s Aku Duck, whose constant flapping and failures have been easy to laugh at.

But since it’s not about the cartoon now, it’s the true truth, following Buffalo begins to run out of humor.

It is a stigma of the whole NHL.

The team is currently tapping into a 16-loss losing streak. It is already the fourth longest ever.

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The record is held by the Pittsburgh Penguins, who lost as many as 18 games in the tube in the spring of 2004.

That pipe Buffalo will bypass next Monday and take the record to its own figures on Wednesday. There is no reason to doubt that.

And Buffalo didn’t do much better before the start of his current losing streak. Of its 32 matches of the season, it has won only six.

When Pittsburgh reached its record record, was at the bottom of a wave of reconstruction and was rewarded first for its diligent loss Yevgeny Malkin and then more Sidney Crosbynkin.

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Semi-intentional loss, or refueling, is a familiar phenomenon in the NHL because of the reservation system, but the Buffalo case is quite its own chapter.

It’s been rebuilt for a decade, and it really didn’t set out for this season to hunt for good booking shifts. On the contrary, the Buffalo sled had to finally turn. Among other things, it recruited the NHL, which was chosen as the NHL’s most valuable player a couple of years ago. Taylor Hallin and veteran Eric Staalin.

There is a superstar center Jack Eichel and a bunch of other top bookings. The acclaimed number one reservation for 2018 Rasmus Dahlininkin had to be already capable of being a true defense leader.

Well, Dahlin, as the NHL’s superior minus king (-32), even knocks the entire millennium frost record (-46).

On paper, Buffalo has a team together that should fight seriously for a playoff spot, and certainly not an all-time losing streak record.

But Buffalo is Buffalo even if the butter shines. It stays out of the playoffs for the tenth year in a row. That, too, breaks the industry record.

When was the last time you saw Jack Eichel smile?­

Buffalon it is no longer completely pointless to try to look for reasons for, for example, gambling. The problems are much deeper.

The entire club culture has grown to a dead end from the one who bought the club in 2011 Terry Pegulasta since. Owner Porras has been involved in sports huseerannut side of decision-making. On that side, the GM and head coach have been changed like socks.

Last summer, kicks were again distributed to dozens, starting with player observers and AHL staff.

The Sabers have been plunged into destruction during Terry Pegula’s tenure. Pegula also owns the Buffalo NFL club Bills, around which much bigger money revolves.­

The club’s three most recent GMs have all been first-timers. Now on a trial basis is the owner’s creditor, who has served in the office for a decade Kevyn Adams.

All kinds of experimenters have been recruited as head coaches. When the club’s legend has been torn at the helm, when a guy from the Latvian Hockey Association or the English Football Championship, like the previous entrepreneur, a nice talker, was found to be washed Ralph Krueger.

Now, for the first time, the NHL team’s head coach is a bustling interim solution Don Granato is Sabers ’seventh head coach in just over eight years.

Granato, who was recently promoted to head coach, was recruited as an assistant to his coaching staff, who started his coaching career this season. And Girardi. Alongside him, as another assistant coach, brings “experience” Matt Ellis, who in turn started his coaching career last season as an assistant coach for a team under 15.

With all this confusion and tempo, the company has nested in a solid culture, and nowhere does it seem to make any sense.

Even the players has been changed many times. Rasmus Ristolainen is the longest-running player on the current team.

Whoever ever wears Buffalo’s demonic shirt, his level drops and his teeth tighten.

Again, Buffalo has huge amounts of money stuck in catastrophic contracts. The team’s four most expensive players, Eichel, Hall, Kyle Okposo and Jeff Skinner earn four pounds $ 33 million for the period, or 40 percent of the salary cap.

For that money, he has scored a total of eight goals in 32 matches this season.

Last for years the best example of Buffalo’s influence was the team’s star center Ryan O’Reilly, which never reached the expected level. He was also branded as a kind of problem player.

When O’Reilly was finally traded to St. Louis in 2018, he immediately led his new team to the Stanley Cup as the most valuable player in the playoffs, and today he is considered a role model for the leading player.

Come to O’Reilly in exchange Patrik Berglund in turn, was shocked so badly at Buffalo that he failed to take more than 11 million in payrolls and escaped after only a few months to his native Sweden, where he now puck in Brynäs ’shirt.

In Buffalo the ring fire that has been raging for years is such that no small fire blanket will help with it.

The best thing that could happen to the club would be full ventilation from the owner. The posts from GM and coaches shout for experienced professionals and continuity.

The team also needs to be put back to the core. This group that has learned and got used to losing has no hope anymore.

The frustrated number one star Eichel reportedly wants to get out of Buffalo, and rumors of his trade are growing all the time. If the team captain and the biggest leader have already drifted to this point, is he worth keeping with him anymore?

Even in recent years, Ristolainen has repeatedly indicated that he wants to leave. Indeed, his torment will end soon, for his contract will end next season. It is probable that Ristolainen will be pardoned in the transaction even before the end of the verdict.

Ristolainen has been in a buffalo shirt for almost eight seasons. He has not seen the playoffs on the moon.­

In Buffalo has been rebuilt for a painfully long time, but quick wins in the middle of this mess are no longer worth looking for.

At the moment, it is difficult to see any kind of light reflection in Buffalo. What is clear, at least, is that it will take time to bring this boat, which sank years ago, back to the surface.

Trading in Eichel, a huge exchange value, and one top 3 booking round again this summer will give you at least another reason to dream of a better tomorrow. As has been done in Buffalo for a decade.

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