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Commentary: Election victory awaits and Basic Finns sacrificed – motion of censure on Minister Henriksson – Politics

Vote of no confidence Minister of Justice Anna-Maja to Henriksson (r) because he has misled citizens and instructed municipalities to break the law.

In this way, the Basic Finns justify their intention to table a motion of censure on Minister of Justice Henriksson for the postponement of the municipal elections.

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The opposition has permission, duty and the right to criticize and fire the government, but this time the basic Finns seem to be Hutikuti. If a bad analogy is allowed, Henriksson’s attempt to dismiss will be reminiscent of political school bullying. The big boy, who had grown his muscles hard, took a rather incompetent schoolmate to the eye of the municipal election.

It is hard to believe that the Coalition or the Christian Democrats would go to support the motion of censure on Henriksson.

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No party wanted to postpone the municipal elections. The municipal elections were postponed because it was recommended by the THL due to the worsening corona situation, and was almost unanimously adopted a couple of days before election day was to be finally locked.

The postponement of the municipal elections from April to June was decided by the party secretaries of all nine parliamentary parties together with Henriksson a couple of weeks ago, with the Basic Finns being the only ones to oppose it.

Yesterday, Friday, the Basic Finns no longer opposed the postponement of the municipal elections. The MPs of the Basic Finns were involved in the unanimous report of the Constitutional Committee, which sees no obstacle to postponing the municipal elections.

Today, the Basic Finns are already demanding Henriksson’s resignation.

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Basic Finns is gaining an astonishingly large election victory compared to the last municipal election, and postponing election day is unlikely to be of any benefit or detriment to any party. The great state of politics is hardly different on April 18th than June 13th, the election campaign will decide the order of entry.

You can always chat, but the election result is measured on a certain day and the buzz is gone. Two years ago, the Basic Finns would have won the parliamentary elections and become Finland’s largest party if the election apartments had been kept open for more than an hour.

It is difficult to understand the sacrifices of basic Finns in postponing municipal elections.

Henriksson and no party can predict the development of the corona situation, nor can the Basic Finns – THL. More than half of the three-week coronary occurrence has passed, and yesterday a whopping 856 new infections a day were diagnosed in Finland.

According to the original schedule, the municipal elections would have been held in 30 days – where is the logic of basic Finns? The transfer of the election to the party is now underway, but should the postponement have been made only now, or will the election still be held on time in April?

No one can promise a completely corona-safe election. I guess the intention is that as many Finns as possible would dare to vote in the municipal elections and all possible coronary risks will be reduced to a minimum in the voting situation.

It is probably an assumption that in June the coronary situation will be better than in April and more and more Finns will be able to vote without fear of coronary infection.

If the elections had been held in a month’s time, would the Basic Finns have taken responsibility if the vote had become contagious? 2.6 million Finns went to the polls in the last municipal elections, there were 932 advance polling stations and 1,854 polling stations on election day.

There are many more people vaccinated in June than in April, although vaccination does not provide 100% protection against corona. In summer, voting is easy to hold outdoors, giving quarantined people the opportunity to vote, for example. Even those in isolation have not been able to vote in previous elections.

In addition, in the June elections, the advance voting time was extended from one week to two weeks so that as many people as possible had time to vote despite the corona situation.

Who thought it was a bad decision to postpone the election because of the coronary situation?

Where from else the Basic Finns then demand Henriksson’s resignation rather than misleading the people?

About the fact that not all municipalities confirmed the preliminary lists on March 9, because an amendment to the law on the postponement of the election day was coming and it was known that the lists of candidates may be supplemented due to the postponement of the election day until May 4.

For basic Finns, it will happen that those who reach the age of majority in a couple of months will have the right to vote in the June elections, but the party is haunted by the decision to get more new candidates.

All parties have equal opportunities to acquire more new candidates, and the logic of basic Finns should be questioned here as well. When the basic Finns have been by far the best in the process of acquiring candidates and the party has favorable winds, shouldn’t the extension of a couple of months, so to speak, rain on the basic Finns?

Postponing the municipal elections by two months will not reduce the chances of basic Finns to win the election. It is dishonest to claim that postponing the election to a more favorable time due to the coronary situation would be undemocratic or one-man cause.

The rules are the same for everyone. Basic Finns is more or less the king of the municipal election game and controls the game, but instead of playing fair play, it now focuses on complaining and churning out the referee.

The motion of censure of basic Finns can be read from here.

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