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Comment: Patrik Laine has gotten into a gloomy circus – is John Tortorella’s head already in the barn? – NHL

Crisis team Columbus head coach is already required to kick off, writes Ville Touru.

Columbus Blue Jackets are in crisis. There are not two words about it.

The team sails in a losing streak of five matches. Out of the last eight matches, there is one win. Anyway, the whole early season has been a very atypical undisciplined game from the team. Mistakes and weak performances one after another.

And it is no longer a momentary dip. There are already 23 games behind, or 41 percent of the regular season. Next week, the Blue Jackets Regular Season will turn for the second half.

Over the weekend, another poorly seasoned team, Nashville, beat Columbus twice. The Blue Jackets were literally bad.

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In his previous three matches, Columbus have scored a total of two goals. It says it all.

The stubborn season is already long, and based on what has been seen, Columbus cannot be said to have great success. In terms of points, it is currently the second worst team in its division, behind only Detroit.

If the season is to be saved, the free fall must be cut off quickly.

Nashville, who has begun the season miserably, has managed to turn his course at the expense of the even miserable Columbus. The teams have faced six times, winning Nashville 5-1.­

The crisis in the middle, the gazes have naturally turned to coaching the team through their sixth season John Tortorella.

Fans ’criticism of the veteran pilot is growing all the time, and on social media, for example, it is already loudly called for. Based on the performances of the current season, for good reason.

Tortorella has done a great job in Columbus over the past few years and taken the team to the playoffs for four consecutive seasons, but this winter, the extremely demanding commander has lost grip on his team.

The performances seen in the trough have been far from previous. Blue Jackets have lost their identity.

As the season progresses, Tortorella has exaggerated his dissatisfaction with his team, but has not found a cure for reversing the course.

Statements in recent days have reflected his frustration with the situation.

– We just don’t have much self-confidence when it comes to creating situations. That’s what we are. We’ve been all season. That’s why our results are what they are, Tortorella said after the Nashville defeat on Saturday.

The same hymn continued on Sunday.

– You know what? I’m talking to you about our team nauseam. I’m not going to scold it tonight. We have already had these discussions, the coach announced at a press conference.

John Tortorella is tired of talking about his team.­

The situation in Columbus drifted as early as Sunday to the point where the longest-serving coach in club history was asked directly at the press conference about a possible kick threat.

– I’m never worried about that. I do my job as well as I can. If people want to make decisions in my relationship, they are their decisions. I never worry about them. I take care of my own affairs and coach this team as well as just part of it, Tortorella replied.

Columbus has been one of the teams that have scored the most opponents this season. It conceded an average of 3.26 goals per match, which is the fifth most. Also in the goals scored (2.65 / game), it is one of the weakest thirds in the NHL. As in over- and under-force statistics.

Nothing is working properly on Columbus at the moment. Something has to happen very quickly or the stump season flashes without helping in front of the eyes.

Team star acquisition Patrik Laineesta not even the best has been obtained yet.

Of course, Laine has made good 6 + 4 powers in 13 games, but four of the goals have been born with superiority, and one of the NHL’s top scorers has often not been in any danger to the opponent. He will not be given a puck at the scene.

Admittedly, Columbus doesn’t have a single center striker or playmaker close to top class in his ranks.

Patrik Laine (right) has not yet got the best out of Columbus.­

The team responsible for stacking To Jarmo Kekäläinen this season has been a nightmare. After all the fuss, now the team is still plowing in the trough in a gloomy way.

Columbus, who has advanced to the playoffs four times, is expected to take the final step into becoming a true champion candidate, but this season it has dropped a step or two back.

The team would have to be strengthened and the pressure for a change of coach would increase all the time as the loss spiral deepens.

Led by Kekäläinen and Tortorella, Columbus has emerged in recent years as a credible challenger and a regular visitor to the playoffs, but now the situation is soon starting to cry out for tough solutions. Whether it was coach kicks or some other shaking movement.

It is clear that with great ease, Kekäläinen does not give his creditor a mono.

In his Columbus career that began in 2013, Kekäläinen has fired his coach once. It happened in the fall of 2015, when the team started the season with seven consecutive losses. Then Todd Richards got to leave. His replacement was Tortorella.

Columbuksella is facing a really important week now. On Tuesday it will meet at home in Detroit, on Thursday and Saturday at guests in Dallas. That is, the other two Central Division bottom teams.

If the dive deepens in these matches, only the creator will know what is going on in Kekäläinen’s office.

Columbus is now a very interesting team. It would also be impossible for Kekäläinen to trade on Laine, which is on the verge of contract negotiations, even before the transfer limit of 12 April.

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