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Comment: Nikita Mazepin, the F1 series brawler, is in the wrong place – Formula 1

F1 newcomer Nikita Mazepin fell short of expectations again, writes Tommi Koivunen.

Nikita mazepin did it again.

As early as last December, when his contract as Haas F1 driver was announced, it was clear that no fuss would be avoided.

However, it took a measly eight days for the team to apologize for using Mazepin for the first time. Although expectations were not high, Mazepin still managed to fall short of them.

The first GP weekend followed the same pattern.

Expectations were not high, but two spins in time, the last starting screen more than 0.8 seconds apart teammate Mick Schumacheriin and Spinning on the wall right at the beginning of the race?

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Again went below expectations.

In defense of Mazepin, it can be said that Haas’ car is certainly not the easiest to drive, and the historically limited winter test time makes it especially difficult for newcomers to perform.

Unfortunately, however, the race weekend underscored one fact in a stark way: Mazepin is in the wrong place.

Nikita Mazepin’s race ended short.­

Russian driver the rise to formula number one has been protested with almost unprecedented vigor.

Last December’s turmoil was caused by a video posted in the story of Mazepin’s Instagram account, in which he sat in the front seat of a car and put his hand on the breasts of a young woman in the back seat.

He later apologized for the incident on social media – but also secretly removed his apology.

In the past, Mazepin has been beaten by a Ferrari academy driver, among other things Callum Ilottin depot and apparently presented clues to his old teammate under the guise of humor George Russellin sexual orientation.

Last in the closing weekend of the F2 season in Sakhir, Mazepin received two five-second time fines for blocking Yuki Tsunodan and Felipe Drugovichin bypass attempts with questionable and dangerous grips.

Now, in the same place, he didn’t have time to do anything particularly dangerous when his own car was on the wall after the first corners.

Russian billionaire Dmitri Mazepinin the boy’s results in the little formulas have not been such that he would be an F1 driver without his father’s thick wallet. The wallet, on the other hand, is so thick that the future of the American stable Haas could have been at stake without it. Now the car is painted in the colors of the Russian flag.

Although expectations were not high, Mazepin still managed to fall short of them.

The stable did know what it was going to do with Mazepin’s entry, but maybe it had no other option in the current economic climate. In that respect, since December, it has been pointless to wait for the Russian driver’s place to be at stake in any way.

Lance Strollin, With Nicholas Latif and Mazepin, 15 percent of the world’s toughest motorsport series driver seats will go to billionaire boys.

None of them would have barely advanced their pure driving skills to the F1 series, but as such, there is nothing new in the situation. One of the cornerstones of access to formula one is adequate financial support. We are talking about amounts of money that the basic bunny does not have.

Lance Stroll was tenth in the F1 race in Bahrain.­

With tobacco advertising or tobacco companies ’driver programs no longer available, and getting sponsors anyway is more difficult than in years past, it’s no wonder there are places for money boys’ boys.

However, Latifi and Stroll have stayed out of the hustle and bustle, behaved matter-of-factly and have not caused serious incidents. Stroll has also gradually matured into a moderate driver, although he has no championship potential.

But how is mazepin?

He has made himself a fast-paced track with the most disgusting driver and Of the past, laughing at.

Oman ns. of course, Mazepin brings its entertainment value where Ricardo Rosset, Taki Inoue and partners in the past. I guess it’s awkward to expect more of him.

And that, too, must be remembered that the line between entertaining and dangerous is sometimes very shaky in motorsport.

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