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Comment: German football team pulls for human rights – How will the Owls react in Sunday’s match? – Owls

The Norwegian and German national football teams defended human rights in their opening matches of the World Cup qualifiers, writes Juha Kanerva.

On Wednesday The qualifiers for the World Cup have begun to attract widespread attention across Europe. In addition to gambling issues, there has been enough talk about the race event itself.

The final tournament will be played in November-December 2022 in Qatar, where the human rights situation is weak. In addition, the Doha World Cup stage will be built at a hard price, both in terms of money and human lives. According to The Guardian 6,500 migrant workers have died in construction work in the Arab capital since the early 2010s. Qatar has disputed the reading but has not provided very convincing evidence to replace it.

Qualifiers the launch has raised protest projects around the world and especially in a few European countries. This time, not only have human rights organizations been involved, but a large number of footballers have been involved.

The boycott of the Qatari Games is seen as a major societal issue. On Danish television, for example, a talk show was shown on Thursday in which experts pondered the meaningfulness of the World Cup in the current situation. At the same time, Denmark beat Israel 2-7 on the green.

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In Norway, seven main league teams have announced a boycott of the Qatar Games. They have received background support from the men’s national team head coach Steel Solbakkenilta, which has previously distinguished itself as a defender of human rights. When Solbakken coached the Danish FC Copenhagen, the club decided to end the winter training camps in Dubai because of the notorious trampling on people’s fundamental rights in the UAE.

German Grand Club Bayern Munich has been a regular guest in Qatar, with the airline sponsoring Bavarians for tens of millions of euros. FC Bayern’s flirtation with the oil spills has annoyed the club’s supporters. For years, Qatar has been utilizing top sports as a public relations resort. Political scholars call this tactic white washing.

In Germany, opposition to Qatari white washing has also spread to the street level. According to a recent survey by Der Spiegel 68 percent of Germans support a boycott of the 2022 World Cup. The reading is hard and puts pressure on the country’s football association.

Also players have dared to grab a hot potato. The Norwegian national team performed on Wednesday before the Gibraltar match in shirts that read: “Human rights on and off the field”.

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The message was a direct reference in the direction of Qatar. The shirt was also worn by head coach Solbakken and one of the hottest players in the world Erling Haaland.

The next day, the German national team knocked off the footballers by stepping on the grass in Duisburg in shirts with one letter on the chest for each player in the Opening Lineup. When the players lined up, the letters formed the word Human Rights.

Head coach Joachim Löw announced that he was standing behind the vision of his players. “We defend human rights around the world,” Löw formulated his comments.

To date, sports umbrella organizations and international sports federations have been critical of political or social expressions made by athletes. According to the rules of the International Football Association, political expressions are prohibited in matches under the organization, but this time Fifa announced that it will not penalize the Norwegian or German national team.

In Finland spoke more to Qatar Glen Kamaran Racism faced in the European League match. The owl players showed their support for Olarin Tarmo’s breeder by wearing shirts that were reported to be standing next to Kamara, who had been insulted.

Once the shirts have been used as a manifesto tool, Huuhkajat could bring up another Finnish national team player. I stand with Riku could read on a shirt that would highlight Riku Riskin a bold decision to skip the A-national team training and game camp in Qatar in January 2019. The next time it will be possible is on Sunday in Kiev, where Finland will face Ukraine.

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