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Comment: Florist’s gloomy response stopped – market tulips are now allowed to stay – My money

We have changed our shopping behavior because of the corona. It has made sense, but it is worth considering whether small shops want to survive after the pandemic. And use their money accordingly, writes Special Editor Heidi Hagelin.

Those who were heavily in debt even before the corona have been the first to run into debt distress during a pandemic. That’s what the Guarantee Fund, which helps people in debt problems, said on Tuesday.

That is logical. Korona has exacerbated the economic situation of many, and is the first to hit those who were already struggling.

The advice provided by the Guarantee Fund has increased by 42 per cent compared to the 12 months preceding the interest year.

One thing in the Guarantee Fund bulletin caught my eye. Entrepreneurs in particular have been contacted due to financial concerns about causing a corona.

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I felt a small sting. I remember swearing last spring that the industry favored the movements of small local entrepreneurs. I went to buy bread and pastries from a local bakery, went to the florist regularly and looked for suitable places to pick up lunch.

At some point in the fall, things got stuck in that I started buying everything from the big market on a shopping trip. I tried to avoid unnecessary movement. In the spring and winter, the spouse began to point out that it is not necessary to buy tulips on every shopping trip. He was wrong. Of course you need to.

The grocery trade has gone great. It was also reported on Tuesday that the sales volume of the grocery trade has grown the most during the entire 40-year statistical history.

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Last night I headed to the flower shop. I asked the entrepreneur how it was going.

The number of customers has halved, the entrepreneur said and went on to say he understands it because no one is visiting the village anymore. Then no village flowers are bought. The home is bought, but a little different. He has adjusted the range accordingly.

On the other hand, he has also opened another movement during the Korona period, and keeps a slightly different selection in the movements. Now staff can be “directed” to a store where there is more demand. The movements are so close together that it succeeds.

Pretty much it seemed annoying that many florists in the neighborhood had received corona subsidies and his company hadn’t. The criteria were reportedly not met in any application round. “I don’t pay myself a salary, it takes care of this problem,” he said, patting his little stomach.

Pretty gloomy irony.

I swore to myself that the market tulips are now allowed to stay. I return as a florist customer. I recommend the same to everyone for whom it is possible. And yes, I know, not everyone does. But many will have extra money left during the Corona period. Now you should focus on those movements that you hope to survive even after the corona. Except during possible mobility restrictions – then you should just stay at home.

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