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Comment: Comment: In the SM League, a giant bang is beating – a real surprise name has risen to the forefront of the finishers – SM League

Robert Rooba’s rise to the Finnish Champions League goal scorer elite is an incredible ashtray story, writes hockey journalist Sami Hoffrén.

Familiar names flashed in estimates when, before the end of the season, various experts bet on the paint king of the SM league season.

Eemeli Finland, Lauri Pajuniemi, Aleksi Saarela, Kristian Kuusela, Jere Innala and so on. All the familiar players from the national team and the top ranks of the goal exchange.

One can say with one hundred percent certainty that anyone couldn’t wait for the JYP Robert Rooba is at this stage through the strongest candidates for the Aarne Honkavaara award for the best goal scorer.

Fiery Hot Rooba is currently second on the paint exchange with 24 goals. The top spot is held by the Swedish striker Ace Sebastian Wännström 27 goals.

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If I can beat JYP’s 27-year-old Sturdy Estonian striker, it’s one of the toughest bangs in the recent history of the SM League.

Rooba’s rise to the forefront of the SM league goal cannons is an incredible ashtray story.

Rooba on hockey pioneers in their homeland. Born in Tallinn in September 1993, the hockey player was one of the first Estonians to participate in the Finnish junior series in the southern region.

As a junior, Rooba traveled hundreds of times from Estonia to Finland to play. Rooba’s father Yuri Rooba is one of the power figures of Estonian hockey and he worked for a long time on the plot of the Estonian national team GM.

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Father and mother made great sacrifices for their son’s beloved hobby. In the autumn of 2008, Yuri Rooba left his acquaintance and safe behind and moved to Espoo with his son. It was a turning point in Robert Rooba’s life.

The journey from Matinkylä to the elite attackers of the Finnish Championship has been long and full-bodied.

At first, Rooba made his way with uncompromising work from the Blues C-juniors all the way to the SM league team. Nothing has come easily.

In his first full league season of 2014-2015, Rooba scored five goals in 48 matches in the Blues Dachshund. The balance was in line with the role, for in the blueprint he was purely a jury in the dune section. Rooba was known more for his heavy tackles than for his goals.

In the blues Rooba’s career inevitably began to pedal into place. In the last Blues season of 2015–2016, he recorded a dull balance of 0 + 0 in 30 matches.

From the bankrupt Blues league team, the road took them to Mestis in the ranks of Hermes. A new display venue opened in Jyväskylä, where Rooba moved for the 2016–2017 season. During the opening season, minutes came at both JYP and the JYP Academy.

In JYP, the leading star of the Estonian national team has finally beaten himself through.

References scorer-Rooba already scored in the 2018–2019 season, when he scored 17 goals in 55 matches, but the season looked more like a vein than something sustainable. The readings fell the following season.

Rooba was the 62nd best scorer in the series last season. A modest 11-goal balance was the result of volatile shots and 15 minutes of play. The responsibility for results was on the shoulders of others, but Rooba flashed that he could make a profit every now and then.

The end of the Honkavaara trophy in Jyväskylä would not be a new thing in that respect, as the goal of the paint exchange last season was taken by JYP. Julius Nättinen 33 with his goal, but hardly even in the wildest dreams of the JYP management, it was relied on that it was Rooba who jumped on Nättinen’s boots.

Rooba has long been known as a tough goal scorer, but this season there has been more straightforwardness and a hunger for solution. He’s still not a silky-handed place hunter. The result comes through dull and physical goal play.

In a gruesome economy the scorching JYP has had to cut its player budget drastically in recent years, making it difficult to catch quality players at the best age.

In this light, Rooba’s follow-up agreement in early March is like a heavenly gift to JYP.

A project full of JYP’s question marks, it is precisely the role-playing players like Rooba who come to the workplace day after day with the right attitude and purposefulness. Rooba also brings much-needed continuity to the team.

– She is an excellent role model for our young players in the trough and in the locker room, comments JYP’s sports director Mikko Viitanen in the context of a follow-up agreement.

Rooba’s impact doesn’t just extend to JYP’s locker room.

The sympathetic and tough attacker is currently the most significant hockey ambassador in his native Estonia.

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