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Comment: Chicago did not trade for Lauri Markka, but the time of the Finnish star in the Bulls may soon be over – NBA

Finnish cannon Lauri Markkanen may be a commodity next summer, when the Bulls want a teammate, writes journalist Niko Karvanen.

Basketball In the final roll of the NBA league transfer window, the Chicago Bulls Lauri Markkanen was featured in many transfer rumors that took the Finnish giant to New Orleans and Washington, among others. However, after the window closed on Thursday night, Markkanen is still employed by the bull herd, but with the team’s new acquisitions, the question arises: for how long?

Bulls recent head of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas diligently ran the transfer mill on Thursday. Markka, who has been playing for the last year of his income contract, was rumored to be taken to the New Orleans Pelicans, as Chicago sought a butler shouted into his ranks at the same booking ceremony with Markkanen. Lonzo Ballia.

NBC Channel Bulls Specialist KC Johnson by however, the deal collapsed when Chicago did not have enough upcoming first-round booking shifts on the table. Earlier in the day, Chicago’s booking shifts had left for a shop in Orlando, with the Montenegrin center playing in the league’s star match in the Bulls’ grunt Nikola Vucevic.

Vucevic, who is fiddling with Markkanen on the same plots, has played in the peak season in Orlando, averaging 24.5 points and 11.8 rebounds per match. For comparison, the Finn has bagged an average of 17.7 points and grabbed 5.9 rebounds.

Lauri Markkanen’s new teammate Nikola Vucevic (right) was selected for the March all-star match.­

ESPN expert Adrian Wojnarowski said On Twitter Bulls club leadership outlines Vucevic team’s cornerstone and second star first place cannon Zach LaVinen chest.

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When the Bulls also arrived on Thursday, a German center known from Boston as a strong defender also arrived Daniel Theis, then the big players section of Chicago is starting to have many mouths to feed.

This season since then, Markkanen’s season without a contract has once again been broken. From the beginning of the season, the Finn was on the sidelines for seven matches in the wake of the corona quarantine, and in February, a shoulder injury was kept at Markkanen shipyard for 13 matches.

In his matches, the Finnish power has been great from time to time. Before the shoulder injury in February, Markkanen scored 30 points in two consecutive games and the Finnish throw accuracy behind the third arc has been at a good 40 percent level.

Despite this, Jyväskylä’s days in Chicago can be numbered. Markkanen’s aggressive trading in the middle of the season tells his own story about the Bulls ’needs. The club management, who lurks in the playoffs, wants a qualified backman like Pelonans ’Lonzo Ball when the young Coby Whitesta has so far not been to fill these boots.

As a young promise and a non-contractual player, Markkanen plays a key role in these stores. Although the Bulls have not yet traded Finns to New Orleans, according to KC Johnson, in the summer, transfer negotiations between the clubs are likely to continue.

Markkanen is a limited free agent after the season, which means other clubs can make contract offers to the player, but Chicago has the right to offer the same amount if they wish. Contract negotiations between the Finnish camp and the Bulls management ended fruitless in the autumn, when, according to NBC’s Johnson, there was a difference of a few million in salary amounts between the parties.

In both camps, one now looks closely at how Markkanen’s grips fit in with the newcomers who arrived in the transfer window. If you see extracts like the beginning of the season on the field, the Finn will play a rewarding contract for himself.

However, with the arrival of top center Vucevic, Markkanen will fall lower in the pecking order of the attack. The Montenegrin has a player profile similar to that of Markkanen: a two-meter colossus that smoothly immerses triplets, with a better level of playing ball and basketball than in Finland.

At the other end of the field, the compatibility of Vucevic and Markkanen is also questionable, as neither player is known for their defensive skills. Alongside Vucevic, a more suitable option for defensive pressures would be, for example, the hard-fought defender Theis, a newcomer.

Markkanen may therefore have to prove his worth in even fewer minutes of play as Chicago seeks to return to the playoffs after a four-year hiatus. The Bulls club management is in dire need of a rearman, and time will tell if Markkanen’s value is greater on the field or as a commodity.

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