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Comment: Biden’s press conference brilliantly summed up his entire presidency – Abroad

He has not come to talk but to do, writes Ilta-Sanomat’s foreign news producer Jari Alenius.

The U.S. press, especially the conservative media, makes the president To Joe Biden repeated service.

Biden, 78, is accused of avoiding the press and spontaneous situations for fear of blunder. His delusions on the subject, his forgetfulness, and his retrieval of words are heckled in advance.

As a result, the bar is so low that Biden slaps it clearly over, even if he stumbles in between.

This was the case in the pre-election debates and so was Biden’s expected first encounter with the American media on Thursday.

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Taisi Donald Trumpkin to do Biden a favor. Because Biden didn’t offend anyone or announce his new idea, which is testing laws and norms, he easily passed his test again.

The busiest political opponents interpreted the press conference as saying that Biden is suffering from some serious illness, such as dementia. In that sense, nothing has changed, as Trump was said to be. This is guaranteed to be more.

Sleepy Joe

Biden’s question-and-answer sessions are pretty boring by nature. He gets lost in thoroughness and detail, and in that sense is Trump’s appointed Sleepy Joe, Sleepy Joe.

Each can then form their own position, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

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The news sometimes has to dig a little deeper than Biden’s speeches.

Although Biden announced his expectations for the sequel and his next big projects, he was most upset about something else.

Biden is going to do, or allow Congressional Democrats to do, something for a deadlock in political decision-making.

He stated directly in practice that the Senate Delayed Speech Rule, filibuster, is a relic during racial segregation. He did not promise to overthrow it immediately, but expressed that now was enough.

It would shake U.S. policy more than perhaps anything else. Both good and bad for Biden himself, as it would also open up an opportunity for opponents to walk over himself in the future.

At least Biden doesn’t lack the courage to embark on a project.


Joe Biden’s press conference was an apt crystallization for his early season. He has not come to speak but to do. The next press conference should be expected.

He is not a master of the details of politics, although the helpers tire of the prepackages for him to be able to cultivate them.

Joe Biden is at his best when he twists big principles out of iron wire.

He made it clear, in a simple way, that what matters in the U.S. and China trade and human rights scandals is whether the world wins, autocracy or democracy.

The border crisis is not about numbers but about children not being kicked back at the mercy of coyotes.

Sick, Biden sneered when he spoke of an election law passed by Georgian Republicans that said those standing in the voting queue should not be offered water.

When Biden was asked what he was going to do about the border situation, arms laws and climate change, he said he had been president for 65 days and has had little hurry to do anything else so far. How to solve the interest rate crisis. No specific questions were asked about the pandemic, so apparently Biden is now interpreted as somewhat successful.

Biden’s press conference also made it clear in concrete terms that he doesn’t really care about a single piece of what the press or politicians ultimately think of him. His measure is the people.

– I have not been able to unite Congress, but I will unite this country, at least on the basis of opinion polls, he hose.

True or not, but at least aptly said.

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