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Comment: Banning a drug documentary from teens is sheer nonsense – TV & movies

Lost Boys should be taken to vocational schools and high schools and not denied, writes Ilta-Sanomat’s crime reporter Rami Mäkinen.

Telling of the harsh everyday life of Rovaniemi drug users who have traveled to Southeast Asia Lost Boys document was completely removed from Yle Areena. The age rating of the National Audiovisual Institute (Kavi) concluded that the film is K18 and not K16 as originally estimated.

Yle Arena must not display K18-classified material.

Lost Boys is a documentary that brings out the everyday lives of hard drug addicts with excellent honesty and truthfulness. It doesn’t moralize on glue, like drug documentaries or journalism all too often.

There are also good moments in life. The worse those bad moments hit the viewer.

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    Finnish drug film Lost Boys removed from Yle Areena due to “distress” – producer amazes with solution

Lost Boys is a documentary that should by no means be banned from teens. It is the 17-year-olds who are the specific target group for whom the documentary should be shown first. Lost Boys should be included in the secondary school curriculum for high school and vocational school students to see.

The case is a prime example of what happens when the authorities and the regulations made for them are immersed in detail and the whole loses its relevance. Common sense no longer applies.

If Kavi thinks that under the current rules, they have no other option or discretion (which I doubt a little wiser, someone wiser can explain this) than to slap the K18 stamp, then those rules need to be changed.

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Banning Lost Boys from teenagers is a bit of the same series as banning a famous photo taken in the Vietnam War of a little girl burning napalm on the grounds that it is child pornography.

One of the most famous photographs taken of the Vietnam War, which brings out the reality of the war in a ripping way.­

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