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Coldplay partners with The Ocean Cleanup | NOW

The British band Coldplay invests in the Dutch initiative The Ocean Cleanup by paying for a so-called Interceptor. That is the installation that The Ocean Cleanup uses to remove plastic from rivers before it reaches the sea. The exact investment is not disclosed.

The band known for songs like Fix You in Live life sponsors the Interceptor 005, which should be delivered at the end of spring. The installation was christened Neon Moon I.

“With the current capacity, it costs about 550,000 euros to make one Interceptor, without installation and transport. It is important to mention that Coldplay pays for more than just production,” a spokesperson for The Ocean Cleanup told . The organization does not want to give an exact amount.

The monster is made in the Malaysian factory of the Finnish crane manufacturer Konecranes and will be used to extract plastic from the rivers in Malaysia.

“Coldplay’s voice carry very far”

“If we don’t take action, more plastic than fish will be in the sea by 2050,” Coldplay said in a statement. “That is why the work of The Ocean Cleanup is so important and we are proud to sponsor the Neon Moon I.”

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Boyan Slat, the Dutch founder of The Ocean Cleanup, is also happy with the investment. “I have long appreciated Coldplay’s work. They are doing great things to improve the environment and they are known for their work in that area. Their voice goes very far too. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve together. ”

The Ocean Cleanup was founded in 2013 by Slat and aims to make the seas and rivers worldwide plastic-free. The organization employs 95 researchers and engineers at its headquarters in Rotterdam.

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