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climate marches to denounce the government’s insufficient objectives

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                In France, more than 180 climate events were organized across the country on Sunday March 28, on the eve of the National Assembly's review of the “Climate and Resilience” law.  In Paris, several thousand people marched to demand a more ambitious text.  Part of the work of the Citizen's Climate Convention, this bill is considered insufficient in view of the government's stated objectives: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.

                                    <p>Cyril Dion, one of the guarantors of this <strong>Climate convention</strong>, hopes that the mobilization will push the deputies to be courageous and ambitious, up to the expectations of the French.

« We, the climate movement, can only rejoice because it is the continuation of everything we have been doing since September 2018: with the climate marches, the “yellow vests”, “the Affaire du century “and with the creation of the Citizens’ Convention. The government is hiding behind this by saying that they are doing more than their predecessors, simply their predecessors have done nothing for 30 years. »

A “locked democratic model”

Today, what should be done is infinitely more ambitious than what the government is doing at the moment, believes Cyril Dion: “ Global warming is here, we are not going to negotiate with the climate. What I really regret is that our democratic model is also locked out. All the official authorities say that we need to go far for objective reasons, otherwise we will put ourselves in danger. »

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Guarantor of the Citizens ‘Convention, he considers that the French are generally in agreement, that all the polls that were carried out following the work of the Citizens’ Convention showed that there were more than 60% of the people questioned who were from agreement.

« In terms of balance in society, it’s okay, that’s why I say that we have a democratic problem since the government locks out despite everything that society says », Specifies Cyril Dion.

The left against the climate bill

Jean-Luc Mélenchon has a smile on his face watching the thousands of young and colorful demonstrators. Enough to pump up the boss of the deputies of France Insoumise after three weeks spent in a special committee to try to amend the climate bill, without success.

« The government’s law is worthless, it is a comedy. If you want to reduce greenhouse gases such as CO2, you must stop making clear cuts in forests, because the forest is the main collecting machine. We make an amendment, and they tell us that it is inadmissible and that is not the subject! », Affirms Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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It is therefore a text that has already aroused a lot of frustration which arrives in front of all the deputies, far, very far, according to the opposition, from the promises of Emmanuel Macron after the work of the Citizen’s Convention for the climate.

« This symbolizes both contempt for the major subject of climate change, but also contempt for democracy. You have the population that is in the street, the scientists who alert us, the deputies who would like to go further and the government which wants to satisfy the lobbies rather than the general interest. “, Considers the national secretary of Europe Ecology Les Verts, Julien Bayou.

The government denies any lack of ambition, claiming to favor effective and acceptable measures, at the risk of dividing even in its majority.

In the street, the hope of influencing the deputies

In the Parisian procession, the demonstrators hope that their mobilization will influence the deputies and push them to do more for the climate.

The motivation to change things is there, but it requires a structural change that can only come through ambitious laws, which must be demanded by the population.

The march for the climate in Paris

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