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Clearance from the government – but high schools continue at a distance after the holidays

In Kronoberg County, the municipalities’ school principals have agreed on a common position. They will follow the infection control doctor’s recommendations with continued caution. This means that a third of the students will continue with distance education for another two weeks after the Easter break.

– The students in year 3 are prioritized, so they will be at school. Grades 1 and 2 will go to school alternately during weeks 14 and 15, says Rebecka Svensson, principal at the high school KCM in Markaryd.

The plan is for all high school students in Kronoberg County to be back in school in mid-April.

– I have agreed with the schools and we think it is good with a certain caution, says Christian Sandahl, area manager high school in Växjö municipality.

In Kalmar County, many want to return with a message

In Kalmar County, there is no joint decision and several municipalities that SVT has spoken to want to wait for information from the infection control before they make a decision. Most expect to be able to make decisions during the next week.

In Nybro municipality, they have decided to continue as before even the week after the Easter break. There you will follow your long-term plan that applies until April.

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– We will have year three inside the school as much as possible, so they pass their courses, says Gunilla Pettersson, high school principal at Åkrahällskolan in Nybro.

Hard to know when students may return

Nor at Kalmarsund upper secondary school association – with the member municipalities Borgholm, Kalmar, Mörbylånga and Torsås – have they taken any new belsut.

– We continue with the teaching in the same way as before, says union director Mats-Peter Krantz.

In the clip, the high school principals in Västervik and Ljungby talk about their decisions.

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