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CJ Walker, the pioneer of business women


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France 2

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A.Monteux, T.Guery, J-M.Perroux

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France 2

France Televisions

The 13 h of France 2 is interested in women who have made history, but who are often the great forgotten. Discover the exceptional journey of CJ Walker, a slave girl who became a business manager.
She embodies the American dream. Daughter of slaves, C. J. Walker became the first female millionaire in the United States. His genius idea is that of cosmetic creams to beautify the hair of black women. She built an empire and employed thousands of black women. CJ Walker has a stamp on him, and his fabulous fate inspired the “Self Made” series on Netflix. Sarah Breedlove, her birth name, was born in the middle of the cotton fields in 1867, two years after the abolition of slavery. She was orphaned at 7 years old.

At 14, she is married. She was a mother at 15, and a widow at 20. He came up with the idea of ​​creating fortifying products for the hair of black women. She will sell them on her own at first by going door to door, or by promoting herself in churches. CJ Walker then sets up a large factory in Indianapolis and trains thousands of black women who work in salons across the country. Its strength is its marketing genius. She puts her photo on her products, launches advertisements and calls herself “Madame Walker”, after her third husband’s name, as a sign of respectability. This militant businesswoman financially supports the movements against the numerous lynchings of blacks. She likes to show off her wealth to show that one can dream of success.

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