Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Churchgoers in Krimpen and Urk attack reporters | NOW

At the churches in Urk and Krimpen aan den IJssel, which opened their doors again to all members on Sunday morning, despite the corona crisis, reporters were attacked. In Krimpen aan den IJssel, a churchgoer at the Mieraskerk gave a reporter from RTV Rijnmond a kick and a blow. The police are looking for the culprit. At the Sion Church in Urk a reporter from PowNed was kicked, beaten and hit.

According to a police spokesperson, the reporter of RTV Rijnmond in Krimpen aan den IJssel was interviewing someone when the churchgoer approached and gave the reporter a kick and a blow. According to an ANP reporter present, it was a karate kick in the back, but the police spokesman does not know.

RTV Rijnmond itself reports that the reporter was pushed from behind and kicked and kicked in the stomach. The incident is on camera, according to the broadcaster.

A security guard from the NOS intervened. An auxiliary clerk called the churchgoer to order. The churchgoer eventually disappeared into the church. The police arrived on the scene. The Rijnmond reporter reports the crime. After the service, the police arrested a 43-year-old man from Krimpen on suspicion of the assault.

The board of the Mieraskerk would have apologized to the victim, reporter Jacco van Giessen, and would talk to the perpetrator. “I only accept apologies from the perpetrator,” said the reporter on the RTV Rijnmond site.

Journalist on the hood

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In Urk, two young people attacked a PowNed reporter and cameraman. The reporter was kicked and beaten. He also ended up on the hood of a car whose driver refused to stop.

According to a police spokesperson, emergency services were warned about “friction” between journalists present on the street and passers-by. “We are here to make sure the journalists can do their job,” said the police spokesman.

The police spokesperson does not know what exactly happened in Urk. “It is now reasonably quiet again. The church service is on.”

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