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Church wants new Ceni appointments ahead of electoral reform

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                While they insisted in June 2020 that electoral reforms precede the choice of the leaders of the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni) and not the contrary, religious denominations have changed their minds.  They launched the process of appointing the replacement of Corneille Nangaa, president of the Ceni.  Candidates are starting to submit their files.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Kinshasa,</em> <strong>Patient Ligodi</strong>

Religious denominations argue that they are not giving up the fight for electoral reforms. They explain their current position by the concern, they say, to ensure that the electoral calendar is respected.

« We do not want to be accused of delaying the organization of the elections. These elections must absolutely be held in 2023 », Explains Éric Nsenga, spokesperson for the Protestant Church and member of the technical secretariat of the platform of religious confessions.

They explain that the process of appointing central electoral leaders can be carried out simultaneously during discussions on electoral reforms.

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Muslims and Protestants are already registering candidates. Catholics are also waiting for files.

Last week, the episcopate launched its electoral roadmap, that is to say the actions that will be carried out by the episcopal conference to support the electoral process: the prevention and management of electoral conflicts, civic education and the role of observers.

Request for a debate in the National Assembly

The religious denominations also want, above all, the debate to be initiated in the National Assembly on the various reports of the Ceni. They say they have obtained from Christophe Mboso, President of the National Assembly, the guarantee that the bill which has already been tabled will be examined as a priority during this parliamentary session.

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