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Church on Urk stops corona measures out of dissatisfaction with government policy | NOW

The Sion Church in Urk has since last weekend released the corona measures and welcomed all members again. Some 350 to 400 people dropped out on Sunday’s morning and afternoon service, writes Faithful. The church stops with the corona rules because the consistory wants to meet “the need and the spiritual well-being” of the congregation.

Anyone who has no health problems has been able to come again since Sunday, the Church has informed its 600 members in a letter. Mouth masks and keeping a distance of 1.5 meters are not mandatory. Snoek says in a reaction in the newspaper that the churchgoers often keep to the 1.5 meters distance.

“It is not that we know better in Urk, or that we do not listen to the government. We want to be obedient to the government, but in conjunction with God’s commandments. We do this because of the salvation of man,” says elder and information officer H. Snoek in an explanation of the letter. “The contact seems to have disappeared. And the psychological distress of the municipality is not being taken into account.”

Snoek says that the Sionkerk is not the only church in the Netherlands that ignores the corona rules. He says he can imagine angry reactions from people about the decision of the church. “Everyone has to persevere, certainly, it is not easy for anyone.” The elder points out that the number of infections on Urk is small.

Mayor Cees van den Bos leaves through a spokesman Faithful know that he has not seen the letter from the Sionkerk, but also has no authority to intervene.

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