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Christina testified about a culture of silence – hung out on the municipality’s website

Christina Lindqvist was bought out of her position at the social administration in Skellefteå, following threats of dismissal for personal reasons. The municipality states cooperation difficulties in the past year, at the same time an independent investigation has found evidence that Christina was violated by managers in some of the situations she reported – and that the municipality committed several errors in her case.

In the Assignment review report on whistleblowers, Christina Lindqvist was one of those who testified about a culture of silence. The day after the review was published, Skellefteå municipality posted its own comment about Christina and the criticism that appeared on the municipality’s intranet.

The text contained, selected by the municipality, descriptions of Christina’s personnel matters.

– It is enough that I have been bought out, it is enough uphill to try to move on from. I have no references and so they post this too. What are you signaling with this action? says Christina Lindqvist.

Politician: “Tasty”

Skellefteå municipality’s municipal councilor Evelina Fahlesson (S) says that they wanted to be quick with answers to questions from citizens that existed after the report – but is today self-critical.

– We made a mistake in connection with that publication because we left so many details. This was inappropriate and that is why we have also now changed the content of the text.

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But Christina Lindqvist was not alone in reacting. The Green Party’s group leader in the municipality, Hans Brettschneider, saw the post the same evening as it was posted and commented on the intranet:

“It feels unprofessional and actually a bit distasteful that the municipality so openly points out third parties in this.”

– This will be a way to dilute this culture of silence, that you will not dare to go against the municipality. If you get the municipality as the opponent, they will hang one on internal pages where you do not have the opportunity to defend themselves, he says to Assignment review.

Municipal Council: Not the right arena

After the comment, Evelina Fahlesson chose to email the group leaders of all parties. In the email, she writes, among other things: “… I do not think this feels like the right arena for us, to conduct politics or for that matter comment.”

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Today she stands by it.

– I think it is very important that our politicians can present criticism and debate freely. At the same time, you have to be prepared for setbacks both around what you say and how you present it, says Evelina Fahlesson.

But you still mean that he as a politician should not write on the intranet?

– Yes, I mean it.

Article about her case was withdrawn

Shortly before the report was broadcast, an article was also published in the magazine Chefen in focus with the headline “Employees spread unfounded rumors”. The article addressed how badly the managers in the municipality have felt about the Facebook call that Christina started and her report of managers for violation.

In the article, a safety representative at the trade union Vision – who represents managers in the municipality, was left unchallenged. The article states that the managers did not make any mistakes, despite the independent investigation that establishes the opposite.

The article was withdrawn from the newspaper site due to factual errors. The newspaper’s responsible publisher writes in an email to Uppdrag granskning that she regrets that she did not fact-check the article before the publication and that she apologized to Christina.

The responsible publisher believes that Christina is not identifiable in the article, but Christina does not agree.

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