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Christian Glvez: “I went with the knife to destroy a friend on a red carpet”

Many Telecinco viewers have been orphaned without ‘Pasapalabra’.
I do not speak of that subject. For me a long time ago all this. I don’t think they were orphaned. All the presenters have dived through those fallows and have had to spend a while doing nothing because presenters are overbooked or slots are busy. In my case, I have lived it in a pandemic. Nor can I complain.

Are you not envious of Roberto Leal who now presents the program on Antena 3?

No. I have never regretted the decisions I have made in my life.

Did you consider jumping on that chain?

When the contracts arrive, you receive siren songs from many places and what I wanted is to stay with my people. I spoke personally with Paolo, who told me what he expected and wanted from me. It was a super frank and super honest conversation.

CMO is Paolo Vasile?

For me, he is a mentor. He has never failed me at all. He has cared for and protected me. The moment he had to say something to me so that I could improve my career, he told me. Regardless of the criticism he receives, he is a person who knows how to listen to the audience and give entertainment.

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What is the best advice he has given you?

Be yourself. I have tried to carry it to the letter and, therefore, I believe that there is a reciprocated fidelity.

You give the image of being a perfect person. Do you hide any flaws?

Very many. I believe that I do not give the image of anything. I give the image of Cris. It is about being transparent, sincere and consistent with who you are. Do not prostitute yourself to what they want from you. In imperfection is the beauty of things. I try to be me.

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It costs a lot to say no?

It cost a lot, but not now. Since I have been practicing martial arts, it is easy for me to say no.

Since when do you do it?

Since the pandemic. I started online and now I have my


. It is a Shinto philosophy and I am very clear about when one has to be water and when one has to be rock. When you have to be rock, you say no and it is no.

Your marriage to Almudena Cid also seems perfect. He confesses that you also fight over the housework.

Every time less. The concept of a perfect partner is wrong. When everything is beautiful and well, it seems that it is the extraordinary thing. It should be common. There is love, respect, affection, tolerance, dialogue and even quarrels. Of course! Its normal. It amazes me that they call it unheard of and extraordinary.

Everyday life erodes relationships a lot.

Not us. With the pandemic we agree more. Spending more time together has helped us to know what we want and what not, how to blend in and when Almu needs more help. It is true that due to an allergy problem, I have a bad idea of ​​cleaning. How do I do it? What do i do? I recognize that now I am learning Thermomix recipes. In the end, we complement each other very well.

What is the household chore that you hate to do?

Bed. This I have never told. I never do it the way Almu wants. I always make the bed, I air, I air, I move

p ‘up


p ‘down

, but Almu always comes and says: “Look, Cris, this has to stay like this.”

Has quin disobeyed?

Ostia what a good question! To all those who gave me an order for their benefit and never thought about the benefit of the person to whom they were giving that order, which in this case was me.

Have you had to pretend you liked doing something you didn’t like?

S. A long time ago. Not now. For four years I have been studying facial psychology, lie detection and analysis of microexpressions.

I can not believe it!

Now I know when someone doesn’t like something in a microsecond just by looking into their eyes.

Can you detect if someone is lying to you?


That’s a super power, right?

It is having the capacity for observation. I have studied with the greatest Paul Ekman, who, starting in the 1970s, laid the foundations for micro-expressions and emotions. I liked it very much for a research work that I had to do and I always apply it in my life. What happens is that not telling the truth is not always lying.

Certain things can be omitted.

You have to know when it is a lie and when it is a truth omission. They are two different things.

You were a hooligan presenter on ‘Caiga Que Caiga’. What was the most difficult question for you to ask?

Jo, it was a lot. But I will tell you one that was not seen. I had to go through three cstings to gain access to that position. In the last one, where everything was at stake for everything, they

Alexander the Great

in Kinpolis. Vena Oliver Stone, Vall Kilmer and Angelina Jolie. I was interviewing people on the red carpet and a friend passed by. I went to the knife to destroy him. I regretted it for a long time. Then I asked him for forgiveness. During the program I regretted many other questions but I have already counted them many times as Keanu Reeves’ … I betrayed this friend of honoring the word.

What is that moment when the phone stops ringing?

Life is cyclical. It already happened to me in 2001 and I had to go to work in a toy store. At this time when the phone stops ringing in the midst of a global health crisis, you begin to ask yourself: Am I no longer good for this? The fact that they called me from the radio was a spectacular adrenaline rush. It hurts more when the phone that stops ringing is the phone for friends who know you’re having a bad time.

And that also happens.

Man, of course it happens!

Do they approach you for interest?

Yes, but that happens to everyone. Not just the presenters.

Do you consider yourself a writer or a presenter who writes books?

I consider myself a curious and restless guy who tries to live up to the word polymature.

What has Leonardo Da Vinci taught you?

That I do not give up, that I ignore the Sanhedrin who want to keep the culture only for themselves and that I try to disseminate with respect and rigor. That I do not die sad thinking that I did not do what I wanted to do in life.

Were you really qualified to be the curator of the Da Vinci exhibition at the National Library?

Yes, in fact, there were a few titles that credited him from a personal, intellectual and training point of view. The criticism was that a Telecinco presenter could not curate an exhibition, but the rigorous content was not discussed. If I hadn’t been prepared, I wouldn’t have had the scientific committee that I had at the time. I do not believe that such prestigious scientists and historians will be fooled by a presenter just for being in a photo.

What lesson did you learn from historians’ criticisms of “professional intrusion”?

That sometimes, when you try to do things well, despite rigor, passion and commitment, you open up narcissistic wounds from third parties, who spend more time destroying what you do than creating new things.

You recommend the book ‘Ten reasons to delete your social networks’. you will do it?

Little by little, I am doing it. The first thing that fell was WhatsApp four years ago and some more.

Have you left WhatsApp?

Yes, I am free. Do you know what it is to be called on the phone for your birthday?

Nobody calls on the phone anymore.

Now they call and I pick it up.

Actor Daniel Guzmn told me that he had taken off WhatsApp to get his life back.

And it should happen with other social networks. There are people who confuse social networks with therapy and it doesn’t have to be that way.

How would you like the image of your life to be?

With a smile, but with a Duchenne smile, which is the real thing. They say that with the masks we have lost facial expression. But the true smile is always seen in the wrinkles of the eyes. What has killed the mask is the social smile of commitment. If you really smile, you do it with your eyes. sa is not erased.

Do you believe in God or Leonardo da Vinci?

I am very earthy. I believe in Leonardo because he was human and made many mistakes. I believe in error and not in perfection. That’s why I wonder that you say that I look perfect

Well, you give an image of having everything under control.

I try to do it but I make a presentation and half applaud me and half criticize me.

The exhibition was very well attended.

Yes, but I would have preferred less influx and more justice. The important thing is diversity and that you can choose and make mistakes. Leonardo does not believe in God, but when he was going to die, he asked God for forgiveness in case there was a heaven.

THE LAST QUESTION. Are the elections in Madrid justified?

Don’t ask me awkward questions and I won’t have to lie to you. The problem is not that we have to mobilize at a time when we should mobilize little. The problem is that there can be no inconsistencies. You cannot attack what is happening in Catalonia, and do the same. Dialogue between all parties is missing. The psychologist Inma Puig affirms that there are a thousand courses to learn to speak, but not to know how to listen. The political class in general lacks that superpower: knowing how to listen to each other and listen to the citizen, who is getting tired.

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