Thursday, April 1, 2021
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China denies Tesla access to military bases – Elon Musk denies espionage allegations – Abroad

The Chinese military banned electric car company Tesla’s cars from entering the army’s buildings. The military is concerned about cars being used for espionage.

CEO of the electric car company Tesla Elon Musk on Saturday took a stand on the Chinese military’s decision to ban cars manufactured by Tesla from accessing military buildings, Reuters news agency reported. Musk strongly denied suspicions of espionage in China and said the company would be shut down if its cars were used for espionage.

– We have a strong incentive to be very careful with any confidential information. If Tesla’s cars were used for espionage in China or anywhere else, the company would be shut down, Musk said in a speech at the China Development Forum via video link.

Musk also called for better trust between the United States and China.

Sources told Reuters on Friday that the Chinese military had denied Tesla cars access to military buildings. The military is concerned that car cameras may store sensitive data.

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Information about the ban came at the same time as a group of high-level Sino-US diplomats met in Alaska, USA. This was the first high-level diplomatic meeting between the two countries Joe Biden during the presidency.

China is an important market for Tesla. Its vehicles were sold in China in 2020 in more than 147,000 units, which is about 30 percent of the company’s total sales. Tesla also has a factory in Shanghai.

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