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China also sanctions British for ‘lies’ about situation Uyghurs | NOW

China’s Foreign Ministry on Friday announced sanctions against multiple British organizations and officials for spreading “lies and disinformation” about the situation in Xinjiang province. Earlier this week, China already introduced sanctions against ten Europeans, including D66 politician Sjoerd Sjoerdsma.

According to Chinese state media, the sanctions are in response to Britain’s interference in domestic affairs, which would have “seriously endangered” relations between the two countries. Earlier this week, Britain announced sanctions against China for human rights violations.

In a statement, the Chinese ministry writes that four organizations and nine individuals will be banned from China. These include the Human Rights Commission of the British Conservative Party.

The persons concerned and their family members are no longer allowed to enter Chinese territory. Also, Chinese citizens and institutions are no longer allowed to do business with them and all their assets in the country are frozen.

Various governments have labeled the situation as genocide

The Xinjiang region is home to the Uyghurs, a largely Muslim group that is widely persecuted. Uyghurs are imprisoned, tortured and sterilized in camps and are forced to perform forced labor, say human rights activists and experts from the United Nations, among others.

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Some European governments, Canada and the United States have labeled Beijing’s actions in Xinjiang as genocide.

D66’er Sjoerdsma, together with his colleague Joël Voordewind of the ChristenUnie, filed a motion last month in which it was stated that China committed genocide on the Uyghurs. The House of Representatives supported it with a majority.

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