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“Children are not super contaminators”, assures Alice Desbiolles

In schools, which are still open for the moment, the increase in positive tests for the coronavirus in those under 14 is starting to be a subject of debate. So much so that on Friday, Jean-Michel Blanquer implemented a reinforced health protocol: classes now close as soon as a child is positive for Covid-19. A decision that leaves Alice Desbiolles, epidemiologist, pensive, because for her, it is only the reflection of the increase in cases in society. “I find it difficult to understand the rational behind,” she delivers in the morning of Europe 1 on Tuesday.

“It is often the adults who contaminate each other”

“One thing is certain: the current context is very anxiety-provoking. So, I really understand that the teachers can be afraid. But the children are not super contaminators as we perhaps believed a little at the beginning of the epidemic “, assures the epidemiologist at the microphone of Europe 1.

For her, there are no reasons to close schools. And this reinforced protocol is therefore not useful. “Often, it is the adults who contaminate each other,” she recalls. Additionally, she explains that children who catch the virus usually have no symptoms. “Children are much less at risk of serious or lethal forms,” ​​says the epidemiologist.

Language delay, learning disabilities and psychological problems

For this public health expert, who is also a mother, she specifies, the current restrictions do not benefit children. On the contrary, they would be more damaging. They are unfortunately the big losers in this story and the risk-benefit balance is not to be considered “, she confides.

Completely closing the schools would then be a real disaster. “We are seeing more and more dropping out of school, psychological and psychiatric disorders. Children are increasingly in front of the screens. There are language delays, learning disabilities, problems of pedagogical continuity and violence. intrafamily are increasing “. Before adding: “And I’m not even talking about burnouts for parents who have to manage their children.”

For Alice Desbiolles, it is therefore necessary to think of health in a “global” way, that is to say by covering “physical health, mental health, social health”. “There is too often a tendency, in this crisis, to summarize health in the sole indicator Covid. It is really more and more harmful,” she concludes.

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