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Chief Prosecutor: “No crime was committed when a lawyer was pushed to the ground by police”

It was last Saturday that lawyer Gabriel Barsoum was traveling in a car that was stopped by the police at a petrol station in Botkyrka. The preliminary investigation into misconduct has now been closed, something Gabriel Barsoum will only find out when SVT calls him.

– I am surprised by the decision. The prosecutor has listened to the police and then made a decision to close the preliminary investigation. They have not heard my version, other witnesses, taken part in surveillance videos from the scene or asked to see my entire film, he says.

“No coincidence that the car is stopped”

According to chief prosecutor Mats Ericsson, it was no coincidence that the police were on site at the gas station where, among other things, a girl was shot dead last year. The car in which lawyer Gabriel Barsoum was a passenger could be linked to a serious crime and the police made the assessment that there could be people of interest in it.

– The police have the right and opportunity to make checks. The police perceived that he did not want to give his information to the others and asked him to get out. But even outside the car, he did not want to say who he was, Mats Ericsson, Chief Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.


The lawyer must have had both hands in the jacket’s chest pockets at the same time. After the police repeatedly asked him to show his hands and he refused, the police decided to visit him. The lawyer keeps his hands in his pockets, something that his colleague perceives as resistance and orders him to lie down on the ground.

– That the lawyer had his hands in his pockets made the police believe that he had something to hide, says Mats Ericsson.

“Hard to see a court would judge”

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Nothing was found. It turned out that the lawyer had got stuck with one hand in his pocket.

– I do not say that the work of the police is perfect but our work is more formal – has it committed a crime or not. I have a hard time seeing that a court would judge a crime, says Mats Ericsson, chief prosecutor.

Gabriel Barsoum tells SVT that he will probably request a reconsideration of the case.

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See when the police force lawyer Gabriel Barsoum to the ground. Photo: Stefan Bokström / Private

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