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Chef’Special vocalist Joshua wasn’t ready to write music in Lockdown | NOW

Joshua Nolet, lead singer of Chef’Special, was not ready to focus on writing new music for a long time last year. The band released their album just before the first lockdown Unfold out and Nolet could not get rid of this record, he says in conversation with

The fourth album by the Haarlem band was released on March 6, just a few days before the first corona measures took effect. “We totally were ready to go and had planned a whole tour through the Netherlands and Europe. That all fell away “, says Nolet.” I was still completely with that album with my feelings and I didn’t feel ready to start writing again. ”

“I have had that feeling of unfinished business. I wanted to find a way to find a place for that album, while our guitarist Guido was ready to continue with new music. We had a lot of talks about this in the summer and then got back to work in the autumn. ”

The first song that came out of that is the new single Afraid Of The Dark. “It really felt like a song we needed as a band.” The band decided not to wait with the release until an entire album is finished. “It’s a nice idea to release this while it still feels so close. We want to follow our gut rather than stick to the traditional album cycle.”

Depression, darkness and dance

Nolet explains that the song is about the current uncertain times. “If you look around you, you see a lot of people struggling. Whether it’s a passion they can’t carry out, fear that you can’t make ends meet, or young people getting lonely and lost at home in darkness.”

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For Nolet himself, the text mainly refers to the depressions he regularly suffers from in the winter. “It’s not a sad song, though, but something to gain strength from. It’s about the courage to embrace this feeling and ask for help when you need it.”

The visually inclined singer immediately had the feeling that the text had to be expressed through dance. Through War Child he ended up with fellow ambassador and ballet dancer Michaela DePrince. A video clip was made with her for the song.

“Michaela and I talked for a long time about our fears and darkness. This resulted in a choreography. All she came up with was spot on. I wanted it to be heavier, but also to have a playful side to it. It also forms a nice contrast with the always perfect ballet. “

Not yet landed after test festival performance

Chef’Special was at the Back To Live test festival in Biddinghuizen last weekend. Nolet admits a week later that he still hasn’t completely landed. “I can get on with this again. It was a really nice change from the otherwise boring life.”

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The reality of the corona virus soon dawned on the singer. “Then you see the figures on and NOS and then you wake up again. But it is nice to have a taste of the past and what the future will bring.”

In that future Nolet also sees himself playing for a younger audience thanks to his participation in Who is the mole?. “A whole new target group has been added, because apparently families with children look a lot. Now when I walk past a square where children are playing football, they stop asking me all about The mole to set. ”

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