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Charlotte Kalla comments on her health concerns at the World Championships in Oberstdorf – Cross-country skiing

The cause of Charlotte Kalla’s World Cup collapse became clear.

Oberstdorf The World Championships were run by a Swedish star From Charlotte Kalla downstream.

In the 10-mile freestyle and 15-mile combined race, she was still sixth and fifth, but in the women’s post she collapsed fatally on her own part and she suspended the 30-mile race.

Kalla’s coach Magnus Ingesson later revealed Expressenillethat Kalla suffered from abdominal problems in Oberstdorf, more specifically gastritis or gastric erosion, i.e. an inflammatory condition of the gastric mucosa.

The difficulties continued on the closing weekend of the World Cup in Engadin, where Kalla skied to finish 30th in the 30-kilometer race.

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World champion and the Olympic winner, however, seems to have overcome the problems. Kalla, 33, competed in the Volkswagen Cup skiing in Falun, Sweden on Saturday. She finished in the women’s 10km freestyle race Ebba Anderssonin after second.

– I am pleased with my performance, Kalla said after the race.

Before the race weekend, Kalla updated his situation for the Swedish media. He said his well-being was good. He said he focused on training.

The symptoms of gastritis were new to Kalla.

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– I have never had similar problems before. That’s why I was surprised that my reaction was so strong, Kalla said Expressen by.

– I was that “what’s wrong, I don’t get a breath”. I was terribly hurt and there were problems with energy absorption, he continued.

Kalla said she has since watched her eating and drinking even more to get her stomach upset. For example, carbonated drinks have had to be put in the pan.

Kalla had difficult season as he also contracted the coronavirus. In addition, he suffered from back pain during the season.

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