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CDA does not want to join the liberal engine block of D66 and VVD | NOW

CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra states that his party currently finds it “really not attractive” to join the VVD-D66 engine. In conversation with journalists, Hoekstra did not discuss any substantive differences between the parties, but stated several times that the initiative for the formation does not lie with the CDA.

Hoekstra’s reticence around the liberal parties did not come out of the blue. During election time, the CDA leader in conversation with denounced the “directionless liberalism” of former coalition partner VVD.

Hoekstra also states that he does not want to sit down because the liberal parties are not yet in agreement about possible coalition partners. The CDA leader thus refers to the statements of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) and D66 leader Sigrid Kaag from earlier this Monday. Rutte expressed the wish to conduct research into a possible coalition with JA21, but Kaag called a collaboration between D66 and that party “unimaginable”.

Hoekstra, incidentally, did not agree to be part of the next coalition. His center-right party with fifteen seats is considered a key piece within countless possible options. It is therefore to be expected that Hoekstra does not close the door to a renewed collaboration but keeps it ajar.

The CDA leader refused to answer questions about the demands of the CDA at the negotiating table. According to Hoekstra, his party is “not in a position to set conditions”. Hoekstra emphasized that it is first up to the VVD and D66 to limit the amount of options. “I also asked the scouts how these two parties want to continue.”

Scouts Jorritsma and Ollongren speak to all group chairmen in two days

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Explorers Annemarie Jorritsma (VVD) and Kajsa Ollongren (D66) will speak to all group chairmen about their formation wishes on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday it is the turn of the leaders of the eight largest parties, in order from most to least seats. The smaller parties will follow on Tuesday.

The new House of Representatives will not meet for the first time until March 31. After that, the report of the scouts is debated and one or more informants are appointed.

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