Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Carolien Spoor asks people to think about posting comments online | NOW

Carolien Spoor says she is shocked by the comments on an unedited photo that she had posted on Instagram. The actress is therefore asking individuals to think before making comments online.

“On purpose I did not crop or edit the photo: I was only busy cuddling a newborn goat and not with the ‘perfect’ attitude,” said Spoor about a photo posted on Instagram on Friday in which she is holding a goat. “But I still thought it was intense to read how many people dare to make blatant comments.”

Spoor says she is satisfied with her body. Still, she wonders why people in the photo respond that she would be pregnant because of a small belly.

The actress says that her sister has gained weight due to the use of medication. The comments that she too would be pregnant would hurt the actress’s sister.

“Please think for 2 seconds about the purpose of your comment and whether you would appreciate it yourself,” Spoor urges people who want to post comments online. “And what’s more: compliments are so much more fun to hand out.”

Carolien Spoor asks people to think before posting comments online.

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