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Capital points to large-scale drug waste

The M6 ​​program “Capital” broadcasts on Sunday evening a shock investigation into the waste of drugs and parapharmacy products, thrown away and destroyed three months before their expiry date. A waste that is added to that also made by wholesalers and manufacturers in the drug sector.

A shocking investigation and revelations about a waste that is difficult to understand. Sunday evening, M6 broadcasts a survey of Capital which reveals large-scale waste in the health sector. Every day, drugs and parapharmacy products are thrown away while they are still usable, often three months before their expiry date. The result: a monumental waste. The survey estimates that each year, a pharmacy would throw away on average 15,000 euros of products.

The pharmacies responsible for this waste consider that they cannot sell products to customers with a shelf life of less than 3 months. And the survey shows that this mess of drugs also concerns manufacturers and wholesalers in the sector.

“A chemotherapy drug at 13,000 euros which goes in the trash”

“The Secours Populaire told us that there was a lack of products. For the French, it is a very important item of expense,” recalls Emmanuelle Cohen, the director of the survey. “When we see all this waste and all these destroyed products, we wonder why they are not given, why we do not legislate. When we see a chemotherapy drug at 13,000 euros a box going in the trash, we say to ourselves that ‘there is something wrong. ”

This survey of Capital is broadcast Sunday at 9 p.m. on M6. The show also has two other topics around waste: one on deliveries, bad for the planet, and the other on the impossible recycling of shoes.

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