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Can Europe catch up?


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A critical interview with Emmanuel Macron on Greek television did not go unnoticed in the European Union when the 27 meet on video conference for a summit devoted to the delay in the supply of vaccines and the lack of doses. Julien Gasparutto, live from Brussels, takes stock of the expectations of this meeting.

In an interview with Greek television, Emmanuel Macron acknowledged a lack of ambition of the European Union regarding vaccines. And this a few hours before a meeting of the 27 devoted to the delay in supplying doses. “The 27 heads of state are expected to give the European Commission the green light on Thursday March 25 to be able to tighten up exports of vaccines produced on European soil a little more“, explains France Televisions journalist Julien Gasparutto, live from Brussels, on 19/20, Thursday March 25.

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The journalist specifies that other countries want to play the card of caution and do not wish “enter a vaccine war, because, to produce them, European factories need molecules that are produced outside the EU“. The objective is therefore to target companies, such as AstraZeneca, which do not meet their commitments, in order to”to ensure that the doses produced in Europe are primarily intended for European citizens“, concludes the journalist.

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