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Burma, reign of terror and blood: “Soldiers are shooting children”

  • Burma More than 90 protesters, including a five-year-old boy

“My son is dead,” a father shouted Saturday afternoon from the back seat of a car on its way to the hospital in Mandalay, Burma’s fourth-largest city. In her arms she carried the body of her 13-year-old son. A soldier had shot him in the neck.

A few hours later, also in Mandalay, the military opened fire on a group of protesters in the Min Te Ei Kin district. A bullet hit the chest of Aye ko, a 40-year-old man with four children, who made a living selling bottles of gelatinous rice. According to the newspaper Myanmar Now, the soldiers picked up Ayle Ko, wounded on the ground after the shooting, and they laid him on the pile of burning tires that the neighbors had placed as barricades to try to stop the passage of the military.

“Help me, mother!”Ayle Ko shouted while his body burned, according to some witnesses, who have uploaded several photos to Facebook this Sunday showing the charred remains of the man. More fire images have been seen this midday in Mandalay, when several soldiers have burned residences from the Pyigyidagun municipality while they entered the houses and detained people who had participated in the protests on Saturday against the military junta that carried out the coup on February 1, overthrowing an elected government at the polls. About 300 people have lost their homes to the fire.

Saturday’s day of protests ended with 114 people killed by the military and police in 44 cities in Burma. Among the victims were six minors, including a five-year-old. Sunday began with more shots against a group of people who were celebrating in the city of Bago the funeral of Thae Maung Maung, a 20-year-old boy who was shot in the head yesterday. In another city, Monywa, a nurse named Thinzar Hein, also 20 years old, has been murdered. While treating two injured protesters, a car with soldiers stopped in front of the nurse and one of them shot her in the back.

“If we surrender, if we lock ourselves at home in fear and accept the dictatorship, they win. If we go out into the streets, the soldiers, who have proven to be terrorists, will not stop shooting at us. We are living a genocide. And the UN has a commitment signed by all countries since 2005 – responsibility to protect – to protect a population that is suffering genocide. The protesters are not afraid to die and we will continue our fight for democracy. The only way to stop this massacre is for the UN to send its troops, “he claims. Aye Chann Aung, a law student in Rangn, the economic capital and largest city of Burma.

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“The world has to react, I can’t look the other way while here the soldiers are shooting at the children. Yesterday a five-year-old boy and another 11-year-old died. while playing in the street, a few days ago it was a seven-year-old girl who was shot to death in her house in her father’s arms … It’s outrageous, “he continues.

A colleague of hers from university, May Jerry, he uploads every day to his Facebook account the images of the corpses left by the repression of the military. It is impossible to know the exact number of deaths. The most approximate monitoring data is reported every day by the Association for the Assistance of Political Prisoners (AAPP), which ensures that more than 450 people have died since the coup.

“The military is killing and torturing without mercy. They do not care if a child who has just learned to walk is shot by a shot or an old man. Also many people disappear at night from their homes and the next day the families only find their bodies, “explains May.

The student refers, for example, to what happened a few weeks ago to the politician Khin maung latt, of the National League for Democracy (NLD), the party of the leader Aung San Suu Kyi, overthrown by the new coup government. The man was at his home in Rangn when the military took him away. The next day, his family received a call saying that they could now recover his body at the hospital. He had torture marks all over his back. Khin Maung Latt was the first of two former civilian government officials to die in military custody.

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“I also know of several cases of protesters who were arrested at night. Some were found dead the next day in hospitals. Others are still missing. It’s terrible. Every night I am afraid that they will enter my house and kill me for participating in the protests. protests, “says May.

This weekend is being the deadliest since the military coup. On Saturday, while in the capital, Naipyid, Min Aung Hlaing, the coup leader, held a parade for Armed Forces Day, more than a hundred people lived in the streets demanding the restoration of a democratic system that has barely lasted a decade in a country that has lived through much of its history. under the same military regime that is in power today.

At the military parade on Saturday, the presence of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia, Alexander Fomin, who had met with the leaders of the military junta the day before. The event was also attended by diplomats from the embassies of China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

That Russian and Chinese emissaries appear here alongside the Burmese military is especially important because both countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council, which means they have the right to veto and block any potential action by the body in Burma, such as This is how they have been doing these last two months.

What has happened after the terrible numbers of victims of the last hours, has been a strong response from many countries against the Burmese regime. “The execution of unarmed civilians, including children, by the police and the army is intolerable and unjustifiable. The Myanmar army (as the former Burma is called today) has become the enemy of the population that claimed defend “, reads a statement from the Embassy of Spain in Burma.

The Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinken, has also come out saying Washington was “horrified” by Saturday’s deaths. “The brave people of Burma reject the military’s reign of terror”Blinken pointed out. “On Myanmar Armed Forces Day, the security forces are killing unarmed civilians, including children, the very people they swore to protect,” he also said. Thomas Vajda, American ambassador to the Southeast Asian country.

Senior military officials from 12 countries have signed a statement condemning the repression of the Burmese army. Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Minister, said his country will work with international partners “to end this senseless violence, hold those responsible to account and ensure a path back to democracy.” The European Union delegation in Burma has also spoken, describing Saturday’s day as a “day of terror and disgrace.”

Today is being a day of violence in every region. In Indonesia, at least 20 people were injured in a suicide motorcycle attack on the Makassar cathedral in the east, after the Ramos mass, a new attack on a church in this mostly Muslim country. The two attackers died when they broke into a motorcycle in the compound of the church of the city of Makassar, in the south of the island of Clebes, the authorities reported.

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