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Budgets, average age, feminization … five figures that bear witness to the video game boom

The accumulation of confinements and other restrictions against Covid-19 has boosted video games in France. Wednesday guest on the show France is on the move on Europe 1, Marie-Sophie de Waubert, general manager of Ubisoft Paris, one of the studios of the French video game giant, considered that “video games have never been so much a part of our lives” than from the start of the health crisis. Europe 1 offers you a quick glance at five figures which bear witness to the weight of video games in the daily life of the French.

Almost 9 hours of play per week on average

“According to a recent study published by Sell (the French video game union), the French play an average of nine hours per week” in these games, said at the microphone of Europe 1 Marie-Sophie de Waubert. More precisely, they would have thus devoted 8h54 per week on average to this activity last year.

5.3 billion euros in turnover

Faced with this development, the French video game market experienced a record year in 2020. With growth of 11.3%, the sector’s turnover reached 5.3 billion euros, according to data from the Sell. This is a historic performance. Over 27 million games have been sold and 2.3 million consoles. “It’s huge,” commented Marie-Sophie de Waubert.

51% of female players

According to figures consulted in early March by Europe 1, women represent 51% of the public who play video games. In a Sell report last November, “gamers” already accounted for 50% of players. In total, more than 70% of French people play video games at least occasionally, which represents more than 36 million people. On the other hand, women represent only 14% of professionals working in the sector.

Players aged 39 on average

Some people may think that video games are “a thing of the young”. But not that much “The average age of players in France is over 35,” said Marie-Sophie de Waubert. And according to a Sell study in early March, this average age is even 39 years for regular players.

Budgets sometimes exceeding 100 million euros

“On a large video game production, the development budget can exceed 100 million euros,” said the general manager of Ubisoft Paris. According to her, “up to 1,000 people can work on a title” in the event of a large production. A significant figure while Ubisoft has around 20,000 employees worldwide.

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