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Britney Spears suddenly released a creepy image – suspicions immediately flared up – Entertainment

Britney Spears caused a bang on her Instagram with her dark-speaking skeleton image.

Pop star Britney Spears has posted a picture on his Instagram account that has made fan alarm bells ring. Under his patronage, Spears posted a black-and-white and dark-toned image on her hugely popular Instagram account of a woman holding a skeleton baby in her arms.

– Find the devil in the details … I wouldn’t want this baby to hit me one more time! Spears chuckles with emoticons.

With his utterance, Spears refers to one of his all-time hits …Baby One More Time, published in 1998. The song sings that ‘hit me baby one more time”Referring to a former loved one who is hoped to be contacted yet.

The exceptionally harsh-looking image and Spears ’special message shocked several fans and immediately sparked concern. The comment field was filled with several astonishing posts from the fans.

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– Are you okay?

– So what?

– What is happening in there?

– This can’t be published by Britney.

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– Britney would never, ever post something like this.

– This is a 100% sure sign.

Spears continued to publish exceptional content after Daily Mailin according to her, another video appeared in the stories section of Instagram. In the video, Spears danced and mysteriously said he was ”a particularly nasty-looking vampire, but that’s the point of the whole thing”.

Fans have in the past been concerned about the situation of Spears, who is under the patronage of his father, and suspect that he is sending secret messages through his Instagram account. Fans have even launched the #FreeBritney movement, which aims to free the artist from the shackles of his father.

Just a week ago, Spears released an image whose cryptic caption made fans downright confused.

– Perverted elegance … featuring RED !!! Britney writes in caption.

Not a single red element was found in the picture, so the fans were convinced: it was a secret message to them.

– What does red mean? What are you trying to tell us.

– There is nothing red in the picture. What does this mean?

– We’ll see and hear you.

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The situation of Britney Spears has been much in the public eye since the documentary produced by the New York Times and the streaming service Hulu. Framing Britney Spears appeared in February. The documentary details the special guardian relationship between the world-famous singer and this father.

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