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Brazilian football legend Ronaldo regrets his hairstyle at the 2002 World Cup – Football

Brazil goal scorer Ronaldo shot his team to the world championship, but he is remembered from the races for another reason as well.

Football The 2002 World Cup is remembered for many reasons. These include, for example, South Korea’s incredible flight all the way to the semi-finals, the Turkish World Cup bronze, the Brazilian World Championship and … Ronaldo hair.

In the early 2000s, the football world was dominated by a very different Ronaldo than it is now. The Brazilian goalie shot a handsome eight goals in the race and was the top scorer in the tournament. His two hits also decided Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Germany in the World Cup final. It was a credit to the bitterly ended 1998 Games, when France rolled into gold on its way to Brazil.

Almost even Ronaldo’s feats of speech during the Games were still his very special hairstyle. In the middle of the race, a paint cannon appeared for training and in front of the media, his short hedgehog shaved so that even short hair was left as a cover for his forehead.

Even though there were already at that time David Beckhamin under the leadership accustomed to the fact that the Frisians of the futsal were the subject of conversation, so Ronaldo took over the headlines for the wrong reason.

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Fresh In an interview with Sports Illustrated Ronaldo finally gives a reason for his special hair style.

– It was horrible! I apologize to all the mothers whose children cut themselves a similar hairstyle, Ronaldo told the magazine.

However, there was a strategy behind the trick. He had suffered a leg injury before the semi-finals against Turkey. He didn’t want to talk about it to the media the day before the game. So Ronaldo came up with a cunning twilight system: horrible hair, headlines in order.

– I cut my hair. I saw my teammate and asked if they liked it. “No! That’s awful! Cut that out, ”they said. But reporters saw my hairstyle and forgot about my injury at that moment.

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Ronaldo scored the only goal of the match against Turkey, with which Brazil advanced to the World Cup final.

A Brazilian legend revealed that teammates were not enthusiastic about her hairstyles.­

World Cup in 2002 were a real screening place for Ronaldo. He had suffered a serious knee injury two years earlier, and for a moment his entire career was at stake. In particular, it was questioned whether Ronaldo would no longer find the trademark speed with which he shone in Barcelona and Inter’s shirts.

Eight World Cup goals and the World Championship put a stop to the doubts.

– I love all my paints, they are like my babies. My favorites are those two against Germany in the final. They weren’t the finest, but they were so important. Two years earlier, no one thought I could play football anymore. Then I was the king of goals and we won World Cup gold. Those two goals represented my biggest fight in two years.

44 years Ronaldo played in Brazil’s shirt for 98 matches and scored 62 goals. He was also involved in the 1994 gold team, but did not make it to the field in competitions.

Ronaldo ended his player career in 2011 after many injuries. Life has kept him in the sport even after quitting. Ronaldo bought a 51 percent stake in the Spanish club Real Valladolid in September 2018 for about 30 million euros. He has since increased his stake to 82 percent. The small club has established itself in the Spanish main series during the period of ownership of the brass legend.

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