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Boxing star Dillian Whyte talked about her fierce youth – the oldest child in her 32s is 19 – Boxing

Dillian Whyte spoke about her son. The boxer became a father at a really young age.

Heavyweight boxing star Dillian Whyte, 32, took a scalp that was very important for his career last weekend.

Whyte knocked out Aleksandr Povetkinin, for whom he had similarly suffered a knockout loss a year ago.

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White’s career balance now stands at 28 wins and two losses. The winning series includes Robert Helenius beating the judge’s vote in the fall of 2017.

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The rematch against Povetkin was postponed twice, and the final year has been special for everyone because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Whyte shrugged his shoulders, mostly on his shoulders In an interview with The Guardian.

– I am used to difficulties. I was born in a storm. There was a hurricane in Jamaica and part of the roof of our house left, but we survived. My mother is a warrior and went under the table to finish her male work. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Adversity is my life story.

White’s mother left Jamaica for England when the boy was only two years old. It took almost 11 years until he met his mother again in Britain. Even a childhood without a mother in Jamaica was very difficult for Whyte, but his life seemed to be going completely on the wrong track in his new homeland as well.

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The current boxing star spun in gangs, became shot and stabbed.

– They were gangster stuff and you thought it would be cool if you ended up in jail. But there’s nothing cool about it, then it’s just silly.

Villeinä and in his unruly years as an early teenager, Whyte also had his first son. Now the 32-year-old boxer’s eldest son is 19 years old.

– He’s taller and much more handsome than me.

Whyte feels that becoming an father at an exceptionally young age raised him.

– I was a child, but I grew up a lot because of all that happened. It was scary. As a parent, it gave my life more meaning because I had to work harder. I didn’t want my child to suffer like I did. We are close now and he is like my friend.

White has another son and daughter.

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