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Boxer Cheyenne Hanson released a creepy pair of pictures – her face was in terrible shape – Boxing

Cheyenne Hanson’s face felt harsh in a victorious boxing match.

German boxer Cheyenne Hanson defeated Ukraine Alina Zaitsevan on Saturday in an upper feather series match in Hamburg, Germany. A 23-year-old German eighth professional victory however, came at a hard price.

Hanson was judged the winner by a technical decision after the match had to be suspended. The heads of the boxers had bumped together several times during the match, resulting in a huge hemorrhage on the left side of the German’s face.

Sport in Augsburg According to the website, 21-year-old Zaitseva was warned many times before the match was suspended.

Hanson has celebrated his dramatic victory on Saturday with several Instagram updates.

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Earlier in the week, the German released a pair of pictures before and after, from which the creepy consequences of the match become mercilessly clear.

The image below may not be suitable for sensitive readers. If the image does not appear on your device, you can view it if you wish from this link.

In the comment field of the picture, many were horrified by the condition of the German’s face.

– Wow … I’m speechless, boxing is not to be trifled. I hope you were not left with long-term injuries. I hope you get better soon, and good luck, one user wrote.

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There where Hanson improved his professional statistics to 8–1, for Zaitseva the loss was the sixth consecutive one in professional matches. They were preceded by one victory.

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