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Boulder Massacre: This is how the moment of horror progressed in the supermarket – “I couldn’t help anyone” – Abroad

The man was queuing up with his children for a coronary vaccine when mass shooters opened fire and the grandmother heard the shots over the phone.

Armed the man opened fire in a supermarket and killed ten people in Boulder, Colorado, USA on Tuesday night Finnish time. One of the dead is a 51-year-old police officer who was the first to rush to the shooting range.

The suspect in the shooting has been arrested. According to local police, the suspect is injured and in treatment.

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Those in the market were helped out.­

Some eyewitnesses streamed the shooting from the scene live on the internet, including YouTube.

42 years old Sarah Moonshadow was in the shop together with his son Nicholaksen with.

– We were at the checkout when the shots started to sound. I told the boy, “Nicholas, go down” … Then there were more shots, Moonshadow described to Reuters and said he ran out with his son.

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Moonshadow said he tried to give first aid to a victim who lay on the sidewalk outside the store, but his son urged them to flee.

Sarah Moonshadow (right) burst into tears as she shared her experiences at the shooting range with her son Nicholas (left).­

– I couldn’t help anyone, said Moonshadow, who burst into tears.

Steven McHugh said CNN: wherethat his son-in-law and two grandchildren were queuing for a coronary vaccine at a pharmacy affiliated with the market when a gunman arrived on the scene opened fire.

The grandchildren were just talking on the phone to their grandmother when she heard at least eight shots in horror.

– The first woman in the queue was shot, McHugh said.

The son-in-law ran with his daughters upstairs to the building, where they hid in the pharmacy coat hanger. The girls said they were scared because their legs were visible behind the coats hanging in the hanger.

The family hid in a hanger for an hour before they were rescued from the roof of the building.

– They will have to suffer the horrors they have experienced for the rest of their lives, Grandpa said.

Boulderin police chief Maris Herold told the media that the dead 51-year-old policeman was the first to arrive at the scene.

– I feel deeply for the victims. I am grateful to all police officers who responded to the alarm, Herold said.

At a previous news conference, Boulder Police Chief Kerry Yamaguchi said the shooter is no longer a threat to humans. However, police are investigating whether the shooting involved other suspects. So far, there is no information about the motive of the act.

Several the media tell of a video showing police luring a shirtless, bloody man away from the scene. At the press conference, the police chief did not confirm whether this was a suspect. Some media outlets use the suspicious word gunman.

The victim was rushed to treatment.­

Police warned people on Twitter at local time on Monday afternoon that a shooting situation was going on at Boulder’s King Soopers supermarket and that the place should be avoided.

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The police according to it, it is not yet known how many people were in the store at the time of the event. Boulder is home to about 100,000 people. The state capital, Denver, is about 50 miles away.

A local businessman who spoke to CNN Kevin Daly said he had never experienced anything like it in Boulder. Daly had helped people escape the supermarket, the news channel says.

– We are a loving, hippie community that believes in kindness, Daly described.

– I would not like to talk politics, but this should not happen in America, he continued.

White house spokesman Jen Psaki announced on Twitter that the president Joe Biden has received a briefing on the situation.

The state of Colorado has previously had two of the best-known mass shootings in the United States, according to news agency AFP.

In 1999, two teenage boys killed 12 schoolmates and one teacher in Columbine. The shooters committed suicide after the act. In 2012, an armed man broke into a movie theater in Aurora and killed 12 people. The shooter is serving a life sentence. In addition, dozens of people were injured in both shootings.

– This takes thoughts directly back to Aurora, a Democratic senator from Colorado John Hickenlooper said to CNN after grief news.

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