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Home Breaking News Boris Johnson Privately Attributes Vaccine Success To "Greed" And "Capitalism"
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Boris Johnson Privately Attributes Vaccine Success To “Greed” And “Capitalism”


The British Prime Minister retracts after his statements and emphasizes the good harmony in the talks with the European leaders

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.HANNAH MCKAYREUTERS
  • Conflict The EU tightens the mechanism to export vaccines
  • Europe Escalation in the vaccine war

“The reason we have been successful with vaccines has been because of capitalism, because of greed, my friends.” The words of Boris Johnson, in a private meeting by videoconference with ‘Tory’ deputies of the 1922 Committee, have had a wide echo in the British media and threaten to further heat up the vaccine war with the EU.

The ‘premier’ then retracted, and asked his co-religionists earnestly: “In fact, I regret having said it, forget what I said.” But several of those attending that meeting leaked its content to the press, although they emphasized that he made the comment jokingly.

At that meeting, Johnson thanked the pharmaceutical giants for the speed with which they have managed to manufacture the vaccines. “It has been the large corporations, who wanted to give good dividends to their shareholders,” the ‘premier’ went on to say, according to The Daily Mail.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel further fueled the controversy by admitting “the role of the free market” in the campaign’s success. “Having absolute diversity in terms of organizations that we’ve been able to work with on vaccines has been incredibly important,” he said. The UK has actually contracted over 450 million doses from seven different manufacturers.

Other sources cited by The Daily Mail However, they allege that Johnson’s statements have been “misinterpreted”, and that the ‘premier’ also specifically praised the work of AstraZeneca, which is manufacturing its vaccine at cost and on the basis of no profit.

His words in the virtual meeting with the ‘Tories’ contrasted with his statements hours earlier, at a press conference. Johnson again made a call for cooperation, saying that his conversations with European leaders had been “encouraging” and finally added: “I do not believe in the blockages of any type of vaccines, nor of materials to manufacture vaccines “.

The Labor opposition has taken advantage of the uproar to lash out at Johnson for the recklessness of his remarks, the same day that the United Kingdom observed a minute of silence for the more than 126,000 deaths from coronavirus on the first anniversary of the lockdown.

“It was a loathsome comment on the worst of days.”declared Congressman Barry Sherman. Also Labor member Angela Eagle wrote on Twitter: “Altruism, not greed, is what will get us through this.” Liberal Democrat Layla Moran warned that Johnson’s words “are not going to help”, given the threat of the EU to block exports of vaccines.

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