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Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley was seriously injured in a bench press – Sports

Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley was seriously injured during training in Dubai.

Bodybuilder Ryan Crowley was the victim of a rare training injury in Dubai last week.

Brit Crowley, 23, lifted 220 pounds off the bench when her pectoral muscle was completely torn off.

Crowley’s training partner Larry Wheels posted a video of the event on Instagram. It shows the muscle bounce out of place and Crowley screams in pain. Luckily, Wheels and another man who secured the lift had time to catch the bar before it fell on top of Crowley.

You can see Larry Wheels’ video below. Warning, it’s barren to watch.

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Crowley went to the hospital to find out that her chest muscle tendons had completely become detached from the bone and muscle tendons. In addition, there was a rupture in his real howl. The injury had also caused a huge hemorrhage on Crowley’s chest, side and hand.

Photo: Ryan Crowley presents his injuries before surgery.

There was an operation ahead that did not go smoothly. Instead of the planned hour, it took four hours because, according to Crowley, his bones were so dense that they broke the surgical instruments.

Additional concerns for Crowley were brought about by the cost of the surgery. His insurance did not cover a sports injury, so he had to pay for a very expensive operation himself. However, Wheels managed to raise donations online to help his friend.

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Crowley made it from the hospital back to his hotel on Wednesday, but there is still a long process of rehabilitation and recovery ahead.

– I still suffer from severe pain. My body is swollen from fingers to toes, my stomach is swollen into a ball and it has become an inflamed sack of fluid that literally shelves when I move, Crowley wrote on Instagram.

Nicknamed Big Rig however, the well-known bodybuilder assured that he was still trying to pursue his career.

Photo: Ryan Crowley reports his rumors after he was admitted to the hospital.

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